Podcasts, Season 1 — December 21, 2006 at 8:00 pm

Episode 33: Season Finale: Making Manifest All That is Hidden


Out There Radio – Episode 33: Making Manifest All That is Hidden

In the 33rd episode of Out There Radio, we analyze and discuss alternative explanations for the causes of the September 11th attacks. This episode represents the culmination of the alternative historical narrative followed throughout the first season of the show, ultimately bringing us back to the beginning of the series, with a look at 9/11 through the prophetic writings of conspiracy author James Shelby Downard.


  • Hey, I know it’s been years since you guys have aired this, but I’m JUST now catching up with you guys in podcast form. The thing that really got me into conspiracy theory was 9/11 and a great video I saw about it was a documentary called Zeitgeist. I think it came out after you guys recorded this episode so it’s understandable you didn’t mention it, but it has a lot of great stuff that you guys would probably really enjoy. It’s broken into 3 acts, each focussing on different “myths” so watch the whole thing. Also, really glad I happened to find out about you guys right as you’re coming back!

    • Hey there,

      I’m very aware of Zeitgeist. It was out by the very tail end of our first run, but we had already covered many of its influences already in the show. Z is basically a readers digest version of The God Who Wasn’t There, Loose Change 9/11, and America: From Freedom to Fascism all rolled into one with some Jordan Maxwell and Bill Hicks thrown in for flavor. Good film, impossible to do with traditional copyrights, and one of the most popular in the genre. I do not agree with most of it’s thesis about 9/11 anymore, but it could be argued that the film is almost a rite of passage.



  • Hey guys. Where can I find a working link to this episode? The download link here is no good and the episode isn’t in the iTunes feed. Love the show!

    Pat, Mass.

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