Out There Radio, Podcasts, Season 3 — September 1, 2012 at 12:51 pm

Episode 302: Sacred Geometry with Randall Carlson


Episode 52 of Out There Radio features an interview with Randall Carlson.  Randall is the founder of Sacred Geometry International, and is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Freemasons in the Atlanta area.  Randall is an experienced home-builder, and a leading expert on esotericism, archaeo-astronomy, and catastrophism.

Co-hosts Raymond Wiley and Austin Gandy also discuss their experiences at Infusion Festivals, and their constant battle with equipment malfunctions over the past two weeks.

If your hunger for podcasts is not sated by the end of this episode, and we know it never is, make sure to check out Out There Premium for another episode with Randall.  We have an in-depth discussion of the structure and rituals of Freemasonry, and go deeper into the world of archaeo-astronomy and the geology of catastrophism.

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  • Thank you!
    Bought Premium content (under another name..not because I am afraid, but because I like to use my husband’s money)
    Is there some way I can subscribe to the premium?
    You are SO worth it

    Thank you for admitting to your evolution regarding “conspiracy theories”…I can relate.


    • Liza,

      Thanks so much for listening, and for you kind feedback. Out There Premium is still in its infancy, and we are currently working on a way to let folks subscribe without having to to a separate transaction for each file. Keep an eye (ear) out, that option should be available soon.



  • And I was a late-commer..But I caught up during many travels listening to your podcasts both on Out There and Disinformation


    • OOh..I WILL (-:
      I have been around for some time, and you have only gotten better! I appreciate programming that is not fixed to ratings or sponsors, but that can grow and change with its’ creators.

      It is a fascinating time-off from the adherence to scientific methodology my profession requires, and find resonance in that which reason can not facilitate

      Thank you for your Great Work

  • Good Interview. I think the ancients drew our attention to a great catastrophe which happened to them – from which they had to almost start again. and left for others in the future a testament to their knowledge. Giza is a huge astronomical clock pointing back to this ancient catastrophe . I also think somewhere (possibly in Giza) is a time capsule left to us from these ancient peoples. We will find it by learning their language – geometry, astronomy and sacred number.

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