Out There Radio, Podcasts, Season 3 — September 9, 2012 at 6:41 pm

Episode 303: Urban Exploration with Bryan Papciak


This episode features an interview with animator, film-maker, and urban exploration expert Bryan Papciak. Bryan is the creator of Met State, an award winning experimental film which explores the abandoned Met State mental hospital.  This interview also contains a number of fascinating and creepy stories about Bryan’s experiences in America’s condemned underbelly.

Bryan was originally slated to appear on our “phone-a-friend” segment, but his tales were so fascinating that we kept him on for the entire episode!



  • Another Awesome episode, thanks guys! I’m glad the Outthere drought has finally broken.

  • I miss cool conspiracy episodes like Iron Mountain and stuff on the military industrial complex, Howard Hunt, Making Manifest All that is Hidden, MLK assasination, CIA conspiracies, and Aleister Crowley. Once Out There got too far into the occult stuff and into the new show, it kind of lost its hard hitting 60 minutes punch.

    Listened to every single episode. Scanning the shortwaves for the ocean of Christain pulp and Spanish stations, and the boring droning HAMs and their nets, The world needs Out There Radio more than ever before.

  • It’s Halloween season and I’m about to get hit with a hurricane that will most likely knock out my power for some time. I’m going to download some of my favorite episodes, like the Jonestown, Waco and Charles Manson ones, and listen to them in the dark with wind howling at my windows. It’s going to be creepy and it’s going to be awesome. Thanks guys for providing some of my favorite podcasts and god bless Joe McFall.

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