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Episode 305: Phantom Time Hypothesis


Episode 55: Phantom Time HypothesisThis episode begins with an analysis of possible “Satanic” influences on people who practice Yoga. Is the dark lord lurking in the corner of your Yoga studio, or are evangelicals just scared of a little competition? Later on, Austin and Raymond present the basics of Phantom Time Hypothesis and New Chronology, and report shocking discoveries of phantom years during the second age of Middle Earth.



  • Really enjoyed the humor and satire of this one guys, and it was nice to learn about a few of your more nerdy interests like Austin’s MUD and Raymond’s love of Tolkien (I love him too man) on the side.

    Sadly, this theory still doesn’t make anymore sense to me than it did when first saw it on a list of Top 10 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories. Oh well, you gave it your best shot 😛

    But are you guys planning on doing more historical expose type shows like in the past, about credible conspiracy theories and such in the future? Wait…surely you don’t think there aren’t any legitimate conspiracies now??

    Just came to me, but Out There could do a show on the infamous Bilderberg Group (great timing too since they just had their secret annual confab in Watford, UK), talking about their origins, notable past & present members, operation programme and some historical developments which the group and their members are responsible for. It’s fascinating stuff and one of the hugest conspiracies (at least of near media silence/blackout until recent years) out there. Sounds like something Raymond and Wiley should be dissecting.

    Take care!

  • Entertaining episode guys, I enjoyed it. First time listener too. But that Phantom Idea, it’s so profoundly idiotic it could only be the product of a mental illness, like paranoid personality disorder. It’s really not even worth discussing but you guys made it interesting anyway.

    • The Phantom hypothesis is not a stupid concept. If you understand people like I understand “poopholes” oops I mean people, then this sort of rewriting of history is a fairly common thing. Not so long ago Stalin murdered some of his (correct me if im wrong) military staff and then HE WOULD HAVE THEM REMOVED FROM PHOTGRAPHS CUT OUT OR AN ARTIST WOULD SKILLFULLY PAINT BACKGROUND VER THEIR IMAGE AND ALSO DESTROY ALL DOCUMENTED HISTORY OF THOSE INDIVIDUALS. Not to ramble on and on, but I enjoyed the episode — very informative — big fan oh btw when are you guys going to post any new episodes I have listeed to ll of them.

  • Its not a stupid hypothesis. Archeology is finding the anglo-saxon takeover of Britain not to have much basis in fact.

  • Another great Post-Christian Spiritually Polyglot show!

    Nerd solidarity moment: I feel your pain about Shadowrun, Austin… badass setting, unplayable rules. Our group uses GURPS rules to run the Shadowrun setting, and it’s pretty awesome. The guy who runs it did a conversion on the gamer forum we use.


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