Out There Radio, Podcasts, Season 3 — July 15, 2013 at 12:15 pm

Episode 309: Top 5 Cryptids


cryptidsThis episode features a discussion of Japanese Tsunami ghosts, as well as in-depth look at Austin’s top 5 cryptids.



  • Where’s the link to the Etsy shop?!?

  • Ok so I am just now listening to this and haven’t even finished when you got to the part where you mentioned Dale Cooper and then talked about doing a Twin Peaks shos and I didn’t dare even breathe. Yes, yes, yes! Please do! One of my all time favorite shows and I am thrilled it sounds like you love it too. Plus given its short lived cult status despite being admittedly but enthrallingly bizarre, it makes great fare for Out There.

    Please go into theories about the show and film’s lingering mysteries as well. My favorite aspect about it was the dark quasi-supernatural beings and realm in the background. Especially BOB.

    More and more I am convinced you are soul mates of mine and we are on the same wonderfully strange journey 😉 We like so much of the same stuff.

    Fire walk with me!

  • This episode was hilarious and amazing…good palate cleanser after the Jonestown cast.

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