Podcasts, Season 3 — September 27, 2013 at 2:55 pm

Episode 311: Obamacare Explained!


In an extremely personal episode of Out There Radio, Raymond explains the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and how politicians are playing a dangerous game with the health and well-being of the people you love most.  Dedicated to my mother, Florence Wiley (1950-2013).


ACA Calculator:  http://kff.org/interactive/subsidy-calculator/



  • hay Raymond Im a big fan of the show. sorry to hear about your mother. Ill pray for you keep you chin up.

    peace and love

  • Great podcast Raymond. I feel like I understand Obamacare now.

  • I own a business. I have had to downsize and lay off 13 full time employees in the past 3 years due to increasing workman’s compensation costs, liability insurances increase, corporate tax increases, and overall costs of being in business. I don’t have health insurance. I always have paid my healthcare costs out of pocket and have found that to be very affordable even in the case of hand surgery when I broke it. My business last year, in complete sales did just shy of 250k. Including corporate, state, fed, and sales tax, I paid an effective rate of 44.6% last year in taxes. I pay myself as I would pay any employee. And last year I paid myself just under 24k, which is not much for the 70hour plus work weeks and 7 days a week I work. But I do what I need to, and at the end of the day I still love what I do. But I do not bring home much money. The ACA is of no help to me. I qualify for zero subsides. My lowest plan in New York (bronze) would cost me 411$ a month, and a yearly deductable of 6700.00. I can’t afford that and am being taxed (penalty) for not having that insurance starting next year. And that tax will only increase every year. Explain to me, when I am budgeted to the penny, how I am supposed to afford something I don’t need, I don’t want, and which the lowest plan doesn’t even cover anything I could actually utilize? I also lost my father 2 years ago to cancer. And I also understand the absolutely insanity with that process. He died from pancreatic cancer.

    • Based on the info you provided, if your adjusted gross income is 24k, you certainly do qualify for a subsidy. At your income level, a Silver plan will cost you around $130 a month, with an actuarial value of 73%, and a max yearly deductible of $5200. If people are falling through the cracks, I want to be aware of that. Is there a specific reason you don’t qualify for a subsidy? -Raymond

  • Raymond, this was one of the best explanations of ACA I’ve heard. I reading Atlas Shrugged before making strange ayn rand comments but whatever. I’m not a fan of her writing but putting her and republicans in the same boat is just as flawed as putting Democrats and socialism in the same boat. Getting off topic… Sadly I make 415% so I’m left buying expensive ass insurance I feel I can’t afford. I feel for people making less but feel that fed poverty line is BS.

  • Hi Raymond,

    Great podcast on ACA. Explained really clearly. I now have some ammunition for the inevitable Christmas dinner argument with my Tea Party uncle.

    My sympathies for the loss of your mother.

    I’m glad to see that OTR is going strong.

    Be well,
    (at the University of Sussex)

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