Podcasts, Season 3 — June 17, 2014 at 3:49 pm

Episode 313: Slender Man and the Artist’s Horror

Slender Man and the Artist's Horror

Slender Man and the Artist’s Horror

From the darkest recesses of the internet comes the Slender Man, a 21st century monster who has inspired real-life attacks and an ever-growing, collaborative digital mythos.

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  • Well done, boys. Great to hear your voices! This story demanded an OUT THERE dressing-down.

  • Psyched to see you guys are back! Stop with being busy! Happy days Cheers!

  • Great episode. PLEASE DO MORE!!

    I sent a message through the contact form about a story concerning the Slender Man…hope you check it out.

  • Guys it’s great to hear you once again, I found your podcast about a couple of months ago and I became a huge fans.

    I love your approach to the conspiracy stuff, your humour and down to earth-ness.

    I thought your podcast was dead and I was listening to an archive. I tried looking for other podcasts but I found either skeptic nuts or conspiracy nuts! nothing on the middle so this is a great surprise for me and I can only hope that you do longer episodes or more often cause there is no show like yours on the net. cheers from Mexico, keep up the great work.

  • Man, I’m slow off the mark, but WELCOME BACK!

  • This was so thought provoking I will have to listen again. I live in Wisconsin, so I guess I should correct your pronunciation of Waukesha. The common way to pronounce it is more like WALK-ESH-AH. Anyway, I’m so glad you’re back and really look forward to coming shows. Welcome back!

  • please keep this going! my favorite podcasters.

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