Podcasts, Season 1 — December 9, 2005 at 8:00 pm

Episode 8: The Georgia Guidestones


Out There Radio – Episode 8: The Georgia Guidestones

In this episode, learn about the mysterious granite monument known as the Georgia Guidestones. Between the puzzling inscription and all the astronomical alignments, it no wonder this site has been called “America’s Stonehenge,” as well as “The Ten Commandments of The New World Order.” We’ll discuss different theories about who was behind the building of this infamous site. Christian Conspiracy Nuts, Neopagans, Rosicrucians, and (of course)Freemasons all make an appearance.


  • My name id derrick long and I was wondering when the time capsule is to be opened.Currently a student at itt-tech, and are very interested in this stone and the meaning.Do you know who financed the building of the stone.

  • Why does everyone believe that the reason the guidestones mention to control the population is though negative means such as a catastrophe or genocide? My impression was that it’s telling us to control our procreation – our reproduction (use birth control, for example). We need to use our minds more rather than our genitals…become more spiritual rather than be so physical… be more thoughtful rather than be so obsessed with instant gratification….

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