7 Winter Activities for the Family To Enjoy

snow skiing

Winter is just around the corner. Don’t let the cold weather get in the way of family time and bonding. A lot of families are already making plans for their winter adventure; why not do the same?

We have listed down some fun things you and your family can do this winter season. Some just require a few pieces of winter gear like goggles by Giro Lusi  and ice axes, while others just need you and your determination to have tons of fun and laughter.

Here are some fun activities for the family during winter:

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is not downhill skiing. It’s just that, cross-country. You just glide across snowy terrain and enjoy hours of fun exercise with your spouse and children. So get your ski gear ready and start planning it out with them.


Another fun way of getting the whole family to exercise is to try out snowboarding. While most folks say that snowboarding is hard to learn, the truth is, once you’ve nailed the basic skill needed for the sport, it is quite easy to master.

But, even if you don’t master the sport, what’s important is you all have a good time and stay safe while snowboarding.

Ice Skating or Hockey

Time to hit the ice. Take those skates out of the closet and sharpen them for hours of fun gliding through the lake or the local skating rink. Whether you choose to just skate the afternoon away or play a little ice hockey, some time on the ice will surely bring back a lot of good old childhood memories.


There are few things more exciting than a toboggan run with the family. Riding a sled downhill can be pretty exhilarating especially if you’re picking up speed.

When riding in tandem with your kids, though, be sure to exercise caution to keep things fund and safe for everyone.

Snow Tubing

Skills are not a requirement for this sport as even a toddler can do this. This recreational winter activity utilizes gravity to pull the inner tube down the slope. This activity is way up there in the fun-things-to-do-in-winter list along with snow balling.

Glacier Hiking

Glacier Hiking

Discover new and fascinating places as you walk on glacier. Glacier hiking requires moving across glaciers with special equipment and gear. It can be done either on your own or as part of a mountaineering trip with other hikers.

Since we are talking about the context of family, this activity should be done with older children given its physical demands.


No winter is ever complete without spending time exploring areas and just stomping through the fluffy snow. It is a fun but serious activity that doesn’t require any special gear. Bring a picnic lunch and go for a hike on your local trail telling silly stories as you go along.

Whatever activity you choose to do, what’s important is you spend as much time having fun and laughing with your family. Time with the family will always be time well spent.

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