Should You Automate or Outsource Your Businesses Processes?


The bigger your company gets, the more business processes there will be. Normally, people hire more staff to do it, but this can quickly become too expensive. Fortunately, not all jobs need a new hire to do it. You can find quality service for a more affordable price by outsourcing or automating.

Digital Marketing: Outsource

Surveys found that 41 percent of companies actually spend over $500,000 on digital marketing. This strategy is gaining popularity and is essential for a business that wants to grow. If you want to refine your own online marketing strategies, it may be difficult to do it on your own because it requires a wide range of skills. That is why it might be better for you to outsource this job instead.

digital marketing

What makes outsourcing such a good option is that it is often more cost-efficient because you are already hiring an established team. In contrast, you may not be familiar with what jobs need to be done if you do it yourself or hire someone yourself. Marketing companies such as EPIQ Consulting already have a lot of skills and knowledge needed for the job. At the same time, they can often make recommendations on the best course of action.

Digital marketing requires a lot of people. You need a social media manager to handle your page, a web developer to optimize your site, and even content creators. Individually, these can add up to a lot of people that need to be paid. By outsourcing, businesses can tap into more talented and cheaper services.

Customer Service: Automate

Are you regularly bombarded with hundreds and thousands of messages and emails a day? While having a human response is a nice touch, you cannot deny that it is a lot of work, and the person answering these inquiries can easily get burnt out. With modern AI and technology, businesses can automate the most common responses to make this easier.

Chatbots and programmed responses are the best ways that you can streamline these responses. What they do is cover the most basic and easy-to-answer questions that people have. You can have ready-made responses based on buttons or keywords provided. Studies found that 33 percent of customers find these virtual assistants really helped in solving their issues. Automation can also help sort emails based on the kind of concerns and messages.

customer service

Naturally, this does not mean you can replace humans entirely. The more complicated responses that the bots cannot answer can be redirected to a human agent. With automation, you can take time away to answer simple questions, so you and your team can focus on customers’ real issues.

Information Technology: Outsource

Technology is constantly changing, and what applies today may not be applicable two years from now. Since it is rapidly developing, you cannot simply automate these kinds of tasks. That’s why it requires a human mind to do it. However, some businesses may not be familiar with evaluating an IT applicant, so outsourcing is the best option in this case.

One of the main benefits of outsourcing IT jobs is that they can spot areas of improvement. Part of their services would often include routine checks and management, which means you constantly progress even after the initial concerns are done. When you yourself do not have an expert, hiring an IT personnel won’t have the same effect because they would lack direction.

Finance and Accounting: Neither

When we’re talking about handling money, it can be a delicate matter. Generally, you can outsource these tasks. However, there is a matter of trust that some may be wary of.  As a business, the best course is to always have complete control and understanding of your finances. That is why neither automation nor outsourcing can apply to this one.


An in-house accountant and financial expert would be a huge asset to your company. They are reliable, but it also means that the company’s financial transactions are secure. You can rest easy knowing that you control the spending, and the person doing it can be held accountable if there are errors. With outsourced services, businesses can never truly be sure if they are conducting their jobs properly, so it might backfire on them in the end.

Outsourcing and automation are great ways to delegate tasks. It opens up your time and resources for other large projects that you can be working on. This also gives you a chance to work with professionals that can deliver results.

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