Eco-friendly Technology: Revolutionary Ideas to a Green Business

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Far too often, we find humanity’s progress in direct contradiction with our need to be keepers of our planet. We need not look far. For one, car pollution has plagued us for years. Passenger vehicles, pundits note, are the planet’s major pollution contributor producing such harmful gases as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

If you think America’s air is clean, think again. More than half of people living in the U.S. live in an area that falls short of federal air quality standards, thanks mainly to unchecked vehicle pollution.

But it need not be that grim. As much as man’s technological advances are seemingly giving Mother Earth a headache, technology too can be a great way to give back to the planet. As a matter of fact, technology should be used as the planet’s guardian. Those companies who have advanced themselves so much in terms of technology must ensure sustainability for everyone.

It’s a good thing many big tech companies today are taking up this responsibility on their children. A glorious example here is Google. The search engine giant is partnering with start-up companies who make a “social impact.” Well, you need not wait for Google to fund your endeavors. Here are high-tech ways small businesses can make a difference for the planet.

Renewable Energy

You might think that electricity is not harmful to the environment. The truth of the matter is, most electricity today comes from natural gas and coal. That should make you stop. Not only are natural gas and coal are non-renewable sources of energy, but they also produce harmful carbon dioxide emissions. To note, carbon helps trap the sun’s rays creating the greenhouse effect that leads to ozone layer depletion.

Many experts try to downplay the effects of natural gas as minimal. But the process of extracting the gas contributes greatly to the proliferation of carbon in the atmosphere.

On the other hand, there’s a way your company can contribute positively to Earth’s cause. And that’s by using solar energy, a renewable source of electrical energy.

Think about it. While you may frown at the seemingly staggering initial cost of purchasing solar panels, take a breather.  A recent study shows you can save as much as 80% on your power bills with these sun-powered panels.

Go Paper-free

There are simple ways to help the environment. A fine example is using an eco-friendly wallet instead of the branded ones in the malls. This is not made of plastic-based synthetics or toxin-tanned leather. Instead, it uses vegan leather or recycled plastic. In short, it’s making the most of Earth’s resources without creating added wastes.

Additionally, if you want to be eco-conscious as you can be, you should find ways technology can help you go paperless. For one, you should be communicating via e-mail instead of the paper memo passed around generations ago.

Additionally, you should pay bills via digital channels, such as an online sustainable wallet, to encourage such a paperless society. Every time you use paper, you encourage cutting down trees, a cornerstone in giving us the right amount of fresh oxygen to live.

Moreover, you should make the most of cloud technology. By relaying data online, working teams can nix the usual print-and-compare routine of designs and collaborative work. Plus, digital project management tools should minimize the use of paper when handling big projects in any industry.

Work Remotely

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In the age of the virus, working remotely has become the norm. While things can return to normal and everyone goes back to the office, striving to have people work from home remotely is a big plus for Mother Earth.

When you do so, you reduce the number of people who will have to commute to the office, drive their cars or ride a bus to work. By doing so, you are helping the planet reduce the carbon emissions from wayward cars.

If you find this a challenge, you can always start with baby steps. Why not have workers work from home twice a week? Then, you can step it up as you progress. Take note that there is a slew of tools that favor working remotely. We’re talking about Google Suite and Zoom, tools that have become a household world during the pandemic.

Use IoT to Track Energy Use

Internet of Things (IoT) is coming of age. And it’s one great way to help you green your business. At its core, IoT is machines talking to one another via the internet. By outfitting sensors to these machines, we can monitor and control situations we did not have to control before.

For one, some restaurants now use IoT technology to maximize refrigerator systems. Having such an intelligent machine connect to the internet allows you to maintain temperature properly in the fridge even when you’re miles away.

Nix the Store

Last but not least, do away with your store. It’s a revolutionary concept. But by relying on e-commerce, you won’t need a standing store. People can order online. When they do, you will do away with the maintenance cost of your store’s electricity, gas, and water bills. You can save money on expenses in the long run. Most importantly, you can protect Mother Earth in the process.

Becoming a sustainable business doesn’t have to be a challenging transition. You can employ technology to make the change more manageable.

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