How Important Are Photos In eCommerce?

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Product photography is an excellent way for businesses to engage potential customers. Selling products online has many advantages, but one drawback is that customers cannot view the item closely and handle the object. Online photographs of your product provide an instant understanding that descriptive text cannot achieve. When you’re using a set of engaging product photos, people understand what you offer; potential customers are enticed by the image and develop trust in your brand.

Since all transactions happen online, photographs show potential buyers what they’re getting. But how do you portray the quality of your products in the photos?

Why engaging photos are crucial in eCommerce

Unless the client is looking for technical information, only a few people read the text about the product on the store’s webpage. Studies show that only 16 percent of site visitors read what’s on the page, while 79 percent only skim for the keywords. That’s why having pictures displayed is often the best option to market your products effectively.

Experts say that a sale is almost nonexistent if you have poor photo quality on your eCommerce store’s webpage. The photographic images give the browsing shopper a quick summary of the product, breaks up the webpage so the page isn’t text-heavy and difficult to navigate, and provides a focal point for text that gives further details of the product — should a potential customer wish to find out more information.

But aside from showing the product, what can a photo do to a budding eCommerce store?

What’s excellent about images is that they’re entirely shareable. In a world where everyone is obsessed with social media, the fact that images are easy to upload gives your brand an easier way to get exposure. People are less likely to share a text-based description of your products; social media sites like Instagram provide an excellent platform to promote photos and a snappy title about the product.

What you need

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You don’t need a fancy camera to take amazing photos. All you need are a few special tools to get the best shots. That’s because smartphones today already have built-in cameras that have the essential features you need to take DSLR-like pics.

If you want to take professional photos on your smartphone, you first need a tripod. This helps stabilize your camera as you take photos. Since you need to take some clear and amazing shots, using a tripod helps eliminate the chances of taking blurry pictures because of unsteady hands.

It’s best to take pictures of it within a 24 to 25-inch full table to get the best images. Now, try to take pictures and see how it goes. Although taking sharp shots can be challenging at first, you can still develop them into fantastic images with a little help from a jewelry photo editing service in your area.

If you’re selling on a specific eCommerce platform, then it’s best to understand the specifications required for the best images before uploading the photos. You need to integrate these requirements beforehand. With the improvements in smartphones and photographic technology, starting-up an eCommerce enterprise is now possible without hiring expensive expertize.

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