Safety On Lock: Innovative Ways To Protect Your Shooting Range Business

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Shooting range owners have a tough time protecting their business. They need to worry about ensuring that their customers are safe while also protecting their business from theft or damage. This can be a tricky balancing act, and it can be challenging for shooting range owners to make sure that they are doing everything correctly. Luckily, there are some things that shooting range owners can do to help protect their business. And technology is one of the best tools that can help them achieve that.

Here are some of the innovative ways to protect your shooting range:

Smart Security Sensors

Smart security sensors are a type of security device that uses sensors to detect changes in its environment. These sensors can be used to detect movement, sound, or heat. When a sensor is activated, it sends an alert to a designated phone or email address. This allows you to quickly respond to any security threats that might be happening at your shooting range business.

Additionally, smart security sensors can help you keep track of your employees. You can ensure that they follow and enforce proper safety protocols that help keep your customers and your shooting range safe and secure by having sensors in place. You can also use the data collected by the sensors to create new strategies that can help improve your safety protocols.

Smart security sensors are a great way to keep your shooting range business safe. They provide real-time alerts to any security threats, allow you to keep track of your employees, and help you improve your safety protocols. If you’re looking for a way to protect your shooting range business, then smart security sensors are some of the best options available.

CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV camera being installed

CCTV security cameras are an innovative way to protect your shooting range business. By installing CCTV security cameras, you can keep an eye on your business 24/7. This will deter thieves and vandals and prevent crimes inside your shooting range. CCTV security cameras also help you catch any criminals who might try to damage your business. They also allow you to trace suspected criminals in your store in real-time.

Additionally, CCTV security cameras can help you keep track of your employees. It allows you to ensure that they enforce your safety protocols and keep your customers safe from themselves and others.

Fingerprint Gun Locks

Fingerprint gun locks are security device that uses fingerprint recognition to allow or deny access to a firearm. This type of gun lock is unique in that it only allows authorized users to access the weapon. This helps to keep firearms safe from theft or misuse. Additionally, fingerprint gun locks provide an extra layer of security and can help to prevent accidents from happening.

Fingerprint gun locks work by scanning the fingerprints of authorized users. If the fingerprints match those stored in the lock’s database, access is granted, and the gun can be used. If the fingerprints do not match, access is denied, and the firearm cannot be used. This prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your guns.

Secure Display Cases

Gun shop owners need to be able to showcase their firearms easily and securely during operating hours. This is why it’s essential to use secure gun display cases. These cases allow you to showcase your guns safely and securely. They also help to protect your firearms from theft or damage.

Secure gun display cases make it easy for you to tuck your guns away when you’re closed. This helps keep them safe and protected when you’re not using them. It also helps to keep your store looking tidy.

Some secure gun display cases even have cool features like individual lighting and casing for each gun, quick locking and unlocking mechanisms for easy operations, etc. These are the type of commercial gun storage solutions you need in your shooting range business to ensure maximum protection of your goods, customers, and employees.

Access Cards

Access cards can help protect your shooting range business by controlling access and recording each space that employees and customers access. This helps to ensure that they are only going to authorized areas and prevents them from accessing restricted areas. Additionally, access cards can help you track the movement of employees and customers. This can help you identify potential security threats if they exhibit suspicious behavior.

Access cards also benefit from providing a timestamp for each space accessed. This allows you to see when employees and customers accessed a specific area. This can help determine the time of day that certain activities happen.


The shooting range business industry is a high-risk, high-stakes environment. This means that it’s essential to be as prepared and proactive as possible in implementing security measures at your store. Implementing even just a few of these security measures can help to keep your shooting range business safe and secure.

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