What You Need to Know about CAD

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Have you ever wondered how cars, houses, and breathtaking structures were designed? Aside from human skill and talent, creating such complicated structural and mechanical designs is also possible with the use of technology. You can check out cbeuptime.com if you want to avail of CAD services from professionals in the field.

All about CAD services

That luxurious house with a swimming pool, that beautifully landscaped park you always pass by, or those latest automotive designs – these are all made possible by using CAD or computer-aided design. This kind of technology is specifically created for realistic designs of real objects.

CAD is different from using Photoshop or Illustrator, as the latter is only focused on creating 2D object designs. On the other hand, the latter helps in creating 3D or almost lifelike structures or designs of structures and objects.

It does not solely focus on creating shapes but also applies modeling and drafting techniques. It’s like a sketchbook installed on your computer. Instead of doing it by hand, you utilize the power of technology to create lifelike structures and models down to the last bit of detail.

Computer-aided designs are being used in various industries, such as in different engineering fields. It has had a tremendous impact on industries that rely on designing skills. Aside from engineering, CAD is also used in designing structures and objects for:

  • Landscape architecture
  • Automotive and shipbuilding
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer items
  • Video games
  • Surveying

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A brief history of CAD

It is said that CAD programs were first developed and used around 1949. Back then, CAD was used to utilize power systems and circuit designing. However, the CAD that we are more familiar with today evolved from a program that was developed by Ivan Sutherland, called Sketchpad.

Back in the ’60s to ’70s, CAD was mostly used by major companies such as General Motors and IBM, to name a few. This was because computers and the software that came with it were expensive during that time.

But over the years, computers became more modern, more straightforward to use, and less expensive, making it more accessible for the general public. Nowadays, there are a lot of CAD users around the world.

How CAD works

There are a lot of CAD programs nowadays, and AutoCAD is the most popular. Other popular CAD software includes LibreCAD, VectorWorks, and TurboCAD, among a few. You can check out online reviews of CAD software if you think that it will suit you and your business as well.

Experienced CAD artists sketch their ideas first on paper before transferring them digitally. The software can only do so much, so make sure to have a plan first before conveying the image into the computer software.

There are also products and design tools in this kind of field. For example, CAD professionals use a mouse or keyboard specially made for CAD use. Some also use graphics tablets and various CAD software depending on the design needs.

Computer-aided design software has indeed made a difference in the engineering and design fields. Thanks to CAD, designing state-of-the-art structures and landscapes has become easier, more accurate, and more realistic.

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