12 Road Safety Tips for Two Wheeler Riders

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The number of two-wheeler riders has been steadily increasing in recent years. It’s not just kids who are on the roads anymore, but adults as well. However, an increased risk of accidents and injuries among these road users comes with this increase. This is due to a variety of reasons: lack of protective gear such as helmets, riding faster than they should be, and more.

In this article, we’ll explore some safety tips for two-wheelers so that you can reduce your risks while still getting where you need to go!

1. Always Wear a Helmet

Wearing a helmet will not only protect your head in case of an accident, but it can also cushion any blows to the head and serve as protection from bumps or scrapes.

It’s important for bike riders — but especially motorcyclists — who don’t wear helmets to reconsider their choices, as head injuries are the number one killer in motorcycle accidents. In case of an accident, you should contact a motorcycle accident attorney to get the right compensation.

2. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

It’s important always to be aware of your surroundings when you’re riding a bike, especially when you’re in traffic. This means being aware of other vehicles and their movements, as well as obstacles on the road like potholes, rocks, and branches.

Motorcyclists should also be cautious when passing or passing by other vehicles, as they are more likely to hit another car if something goes wrong.

3. Follow Traffic Laws

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s still important to follow traffic laws when you’re on a bike. This means obeying all stop signs and traffic lights, using turn signals when appropriate, and riding in the right lane.

4. Avoid Riding at Night

Nighttime riding is more dangerous for several reasons. One, it’s harder to see obstacles and other vehicles. Two, you’re less visible to drivers. Three, it’s harder to judge distances and speeds. Four, you’re more likely to make a mistake due to fatigue.

All of these factors mean that it’s much more likely for you to get into an accident while riding at night than during the daytime. So if you can avoid it, try not to ride your bike at night.

5. Use Hand Signals

When you’re making a turn, it’s important to use hand signals so that the surrounding drivers know what you’re doing. This is especially important for motorcyclists, as they can easily lose their balance if they need to make a sudden turn.

6. Beware of Road Hazards

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There are all sorts of things on the road that can cause an accident or injury, from potholes to loose gravel to cars turning without looking. It’s important to be aware of these hazards and take extra caution when riding around them.

7. Don’t Drink and Ride

Drinking and riding a bike is extremely dangerous, and it’s something that you should never do. In fact, drinking and driving are illegal in most states, so it should stand to reason that drinking and riding are also illegal.

8. Wear Bright Clothing

It’s important to wear bright clothing when you’re riding a bike, especially if you’re riding at night. This will make you more visible to drivers and reduce the chances of you being hit by another car.

9. Avoid Distractions

It can be tempting to check your phone or listen to music while you’re riding a bike, but doing so can be extremely dangerous. Taking your eyes off the road for even a second can lead to an accident.

10. Use a Mirror

A mirror is essential for motorcyclists, as it allows them to see what’s happening behind them. This is especially important when you’re passing or being passed by other vehicles.

11. Stay Alert

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s still important to stay alert when you’re riding a bike. This means keeping your eyes on the road at all times, avoiding distractions, and not riding while tired.

12. Beware of Car Doors

One of the most common causes of accidents for cyclists and motorcyclists is getting hit by a car door that suddenly opens up. Drivers often don’t look for cyclists or motorcyclists when they open their doors, so it’s essential to be aware of this danger and take extra precautions.

Cycling and motorcycling are two of the most popular means of transportation globally. However, they also come with a higher risk of accidents and injuries than other forms of transportation. With the tips provided above, you can help to mitigate these risks and stay safe on your two-wheeler.


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