Increase Your Home’s Value: How Automation Can Help You


Over the past few years, smart home technology has become more affordable. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a common phrase now. Smart up-gradation for your property can also help you increase the aesthetic value, convenience, and selling price. Potential buyers will also be impressed and pay you what you demand.

Millennials are primarily behind this growth. However, all generations are enjoying the benefits. Most buyers are looking for ready-to-move-in houses, and some are demanding smart features incorporated. This helps them negotiate better package deals and prices. Therefore, network-connected devices are used rampantly in areas, such as temperature, lighting, and entertainment, to name a few. Furthermore, you can control these remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

Read about the smart technology devices that increase the value of your property.

Smart Smoke Detector

It is one of the recent additions to smart technology for building spaces, which can also reduce the cost of insurance for you. Additionally, it saves lives when required. It helps more for extended hours if you are working and away from your home. You might prepare a fast meal, before leaving for office. Moreover, you forget to switch off the induction or toaster.

The smoke detector can smell it faster than you can, and you will probably be notified of it the moment you step out. The smart detector will not allow the alarm bell to go off when you are there inside the kitchen and cooking. A message on the related app can let you know that something is amiss. Anybody will fall for such premium facilities. And you can demand a reasonable price for the space if you happen to sell it off.

Entry and Exit Safety Systems

Most thefts occur due to negligence. At least half the time, the property inhabitants are blamed for the mishap. Even if you lock all your entry and exit points, burglars may break in with hefty equipment. That is why you should consider getting residential window security screens for your home. These are not just for aesthetics but a design element you cannot do without. Now, there is some good news for you all.

You can choose from a wide range of styles available. You will come across diamond grilles, perforated aluminum, and secure view varieties. These have more benefits than you thought. Apart from being anti-breakage, these can also keep insects at bay. It also enhances the look of the place. If you plan to sell the property someday, it will fetch a neat sum for you. You can also improve safety by installing video door phones and alarms. These are mostly connected to a central base, which sets off the alarm at the nearest police station if an intrusion happens.

Smart Lighting

This has already been around for some time. But today, you will find this in most establishments and residences. These work with the help of sensors that dim the lights when nobody is around. The moment you step in, you will find that the lights come on. Additionally, if you forget to switch off the light completely, you can do so from your smartphone. The same applies to places outside the house, like the garden or patio. A well-lit garden deters anyone from making their way inside.

Apart from the above function, these also help to conserve energy. Most lighting systems governed by smart technology can keep the device cool through an in-built thermostat. By doing so, there will be no fear of overheating and subsequent fires arising from it.

Solar Panels


You might not connect solar panels to smart technology, but slowly and steadily, it is taking up the arena, too. Standard solar panels absorb the heat from the sun to heat the photovoltaic cells that help light up homes and generate electricity. The latest developments in the industry help utilize smart panels to check and keep a tab on the energy generated and its expenditure. Moreover, you can also switch off the entire system from a remote location if you know of inclement weather hitting the town. Now, smart thermostats have entered the solar technology sector, making it easier to monitor.

Smart Speakers

Now, it is more than just for your daily dose of music. If you have these installed at your place, you can easily connect the Alexa device to it. You can straight away ask Alexa about the weather conditions and let the whole family know about it. Also, you can get your smart speakers to play music without having to move a bit. One smartphone click will be enough.

If you can add these devices and systems to your property, it can significantly impact its value. When a prospective buyer comes in to survey the place, they will be impressed and pay the asking price.

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