Business and Technology: A Journey to the Future

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It’s rather difficult to find a silver lining with what’s currently happening around the globe. With the gradual rise of COVID-19 cases, it seems as though the end is nowhere in sight and as if nothing good will ever come out of this crisis.

However, if there is one thing we can be thankful for about this pandemic, it is perhaps how it has helped entrepreneurs realize the importance of technology in running their businesses. While it’s true that technology has long been used in the business industry, some traditional businesses have just started to adopt this innovation.

Furthermore, the advancements in the technological world have made it possible for businesses to make significant strides forward despite the pandemic.

Using Technology to Run Businesses

The COVID-19 virus caught the world off guard. Nobody was prepared for its long-lasting repercussions. Thankfully, businesses quickly responded by coming up with temporary solutions and groundbreaking innovations that they can use with or without the global pandemic.

Remote Work

The first step businesses took to battle this pandemic was adopting a remote workspace setting. People were discouraged from leaving their homes, which meant employees could not report to their offices. This scheme aimed to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Because of this, businesses had to think of how thousands of their employees can still conduct work-related tasks without having to be physically present. This gave birth to the remote workspace. Employees whose tasks can be done over the internet have been encouraged to use their personal computers and work while staying at home. In some cases, companies have also provided them with devices if they don’t have one at home.

Online Employment

Some employees have had to quit their jobs to attend to other important things, such as taking care of the family. Others also had to go back to their family homes far away from their work, which means they also had to turn in their resignation. Aside from the sudden drop in their number of employees, businesses have also faced the trouble of hiring new ones because they can’t conduct interviews physically. That’s why some entrepreneurs have tried online employment methods. Through various internet applications, they instead conduct interviews over video conferences or phone calls. They also have to use an online employment verification system to screen and notify the applicants who have made the cut. This process has significantly reduced the need for physical interaction while also ensuring that businesses are provided with the workforce they need.

Mobile Devices

Not every employee is willing to use his/her personal computer or mobile phone for work-related purposes. Whether it’s for privacy or other reasons, employees have the right to decline this sort of requirement. Therefore, businesses have also made sure that their employees can keep their lines of communication open for work purposes. To guarantee this, companies have provided mobile devices, desktop computers, or laptops to be used for work. Providing employees with the tools and equipment they need without compromising their personal belongings is a huge step towards promoting a work-life balance.

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Physical stores have had to shut down because the movement of consumers outside of their homes has become increasingly limited. Because of this, businesses have had to think of how they can bring the business to their customers instead of the other way around. This has provided a significant boost in eCommerce. Since most people are now staying indoors and are on their phones, huge companies and small businesses alike have used the internet to sell their products and services. Business websites, eCommerce platforms, and social media networks have all helped pave the way for a safe and convenient shopping experience during this unprecedented crisis.


Going online is not always advantageous, especially for those businesses that have just started to adopt a technological setting. In the early stages of migrating to a new platform, businesses are highly susceptible to various cyber threats. Without proper precaution and security measures, cyberattacks can set operations back significantly. Hence, businesses have also had to employ cybersecurity services to ensure that their data and other business information are safe from criminals.

All of us have been undoubtedly affected by this pandemic. While we’re still searching for ways to find some sense of normality amid the current global crisis, it’s important to know that there are multiple tools at our disposal that can make our lives a little easier. Particularly, businesses have made use of these solutions to continue to thrive and provide the needs of their employees and their customers in this pandemic.

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