How Businesses Took Advantage of Delivery Services to Stay Afloat Amid a Pandemic


Almost two years into the pandemic, the global impact of COVID-19 continues to disrupt people’s lives, particularly business owners. They have to think of ways to increase their sales amid the lockdown and ensure easier accessibility of their products and services. In Singapore, delivery service providers have witnessed an exponential growth in online deliveries because of customers’ increased reliance on delivery applications.

Given the widespread usage of delivery applications, we’ll talk about how COVID-19 has changed the delivery landscape and the various strategies businesses use to expand their delivery options for customers.

Use local delivery options as a business opportunity

Even if a business operates for dine-in service or in-store shopping, many are now advertising and implementing local delivery options, such as curbside or contactless delivery. Companies use local delivery as a new business opportunity to urge more customers to avail of their products or services while at the comfort of their homes.

Some people, particularly those who are more prone and have a greater risk of suffering severe health effects of COVID-19, are taking critical steps to avoid social contact as much as possible. Even if the businesses they often purchase from are operating on-site, these people take advantage of delivery options to buy their necessities, such as groceries, meals, and drinks. This also applies to cities and states where the local government has imposed lockdowns and temporary closure of businesses amid the threat of COVID-19.

Offer delivery services to show customer empathy


Providing customers an option to deliver their goods offers more than just the practical benefits. In fact, you can use your delivery services to improve customer relationships.

By offering delivery services to customers, you’re demonstrating a higher level of responsibility and concern that can likely enhance brand loyalty and potentially attract new patrons. Customers continuously seeking safe options to purchase their goods will never forget your business and continue forming a positive relationship with your brand.

Take advantage of high-demand products through delivery services

The world has witnessed firsthand how the pandemic fueled the demand for basic home necessities. Some products in higher demand because of COVID-19 include toilet paper, hand sanitizer, diapers, laptops, and bakeware.

So if your business is selling a high-demand item or if you’re noticing frequent stockouts in your inventory, it’s about time to take advantage of the demand by selling more and allowing customers to order your goods and have them delivered right to their doorsteps. For example, you can offer a van or truck delivery service to ship office equipment to customers from other cities who want to furnish their home offices.

Adapt to decreasing product demand through long-distance delivery

As essential businesses are ramping up their supplies to meet the high consumer demand, some businesses face the opposite problem—a decreasing product demand. As the pandemic plunges the global economy into one of the worst recessions, customers are left with no choice but to limit or cut out unnecessary spending. As a result, luxury items and services saw deep declines because of the financial strain and their diminishing appeal to customers.

The impact of the pandemic on people’s financial choices has led to a decreased demand for certain items, such as swimwear, formal wear, luggage, and travel-related goods. Businesses experiencing reduced demand for their products are expanding their market geographically. An effective strategy is to offer delivery services to customers to increase your chances of selling your products. Long-distance delivery allows customers to purchase their favorite items without going to the mall and risking chances of exposure.

If you want to apply this approach in your business, you can invest in warehousing services and supply chain management to enable your business to cater to customers outside local boundaries.

Use third-party delivery services to boost revenue

When local governments forced the closure of dining services across the country, many restaurants and food businesses had to think of other creative ways to stay afloat. While large restaurants added more delivery services, businesses with limited resources have to partner with third-party delivery providers to help them handle the rising demand for food delivery.

Today, families stuck at home during the pandemic are taking advantage of third-party deliveries to request bigger delivery orders regardless of their location.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has limited the movement of customers, businesses and consumer industries should take advantage of this new behavioral change to drive more purchases and improve their market growth. As the pandemic continues to plague worldwide, this is a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their solutions and create more meaningful connections with their customers.

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