Cheap Trip: A Guide to Traveling on a Budget


No one ever said that traveling was cheap, but there are ways to save money on your next vacation. Most people are unaware of how they could save money when they book their next trip.

And most of us are shocked by how much we can spend on a vacation without realizing it, especially if we’re not careful. Here are some tips for saving money when booking your next trip.

Save Money by Booking Cheap Flights

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The best way to save money on your next vacation is to book cheap tickets, so you can spend more when you get there.

If you are flexible with your travel times and locations, try searching for cheap flight prices. Combine that with some extra legroom if you’re flying business class (or even just exit row seating), and traveling this summer could be cheaper than ever.

Vacations always seem much more reasonable when they start with better deals, don’t they?

Take Advantage of Last-minute Deals

Another great way to save money on a trip is to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Last-minute hotel discounts are a great way to save money on accommodation.

If you don’t mind traveling at less than ideal times, travel during busy travel periods like Spring Break or the Christmas/New Year holidays for peak rates, and then travel again right after those travel periods are over (before rates go up) for cheap deals.

Pack Food and Snacks

If you’re spending time in national parks, make sure to check out which ones require an entrance fee; some do not.

To save even more money, head over to your nearest grocery store before leaving home and stock up on snacks and non-perishable items that will last until your next stop—this will keep you from having to spend that much on expensive park food.

Check online reviews of travel destinations to plan meals while you travel.

Avoid Tourist Traps

Beware the tourist traps all over travel magazines and brochures; they’re not always worth it! For example, if you travel for food, make sure to pick restaurants away from the main areas where tourists travel; this makes it much less likely that you’ll be ripped off or find yourself with bad food.

Ask locals for advice on good deals in your travel destination—they’ll know how to save money, even in expensive areas like Las Vegas.

Investigate All Your Travel Options

Investigate all travel options available when planning your vacation, including travel packages. When booking travel options, use travel agencies or websites that offer travel packages.

You can save a lot of money by combining different travel methods and travel providers—travel is rarely just one way!

Take Advantage of All-inclusives

hotel pool

If you’re staying in resorts, stay in all-inclusive resorts where food and drinks are included in the price paid for your room.

Just make sure that your resort includes alcoholic beverages in their all-inclusive package; some only include soft drinks and non-alcoholic drinks.

Research Roommate Options

If traveling with others, look into splitting hotel rooms with other travelers you meet online before going out there on your own vacation.

Look for travel forums on the internet and post a message; you’ll find plenty of people looking to travel with other like-minded vacationers.

Pack Free Activities

Vacation is supposed to be fun, so make sure that you pack something fun to do as well as your sunscreen.

A little research can really increase your options for free activities; many cities and towns offer free events, and locals often know about great deals too.

There’s always something going on somewhere, even if it is just some local festival where travel brochures might not tell you about it—experience travel like a local and don’t pay full price!

Take Your Own Transport When Possible

Sometimes travel can be a hassle, especially when going somewhere near the major travel routes. Why not travel just a little more and take your own transport?

Traveling by RV is a great way to save money on accommodations while still having an adventure of a lifetime. Just make sure you choose the best travel trailer for sale and get the right insurance for your vehicle before you head out.

Take Advantage of Travel Specials and Discounts

Another great way to save money on travel is to buy travel specials and discount coupons that you find online or in magazines, especially if they’re available before your trip starts (and even better if they’re available during your trip).

You’ll never know what travel deals come up, but when you see one, you can be sure it’s a deal not worth missing out on.

These ten tips can save money a lot of money on your next vacation. With careful planning, anyone can afford their dream vacation!

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