Health and Wellness Business Ideas for 2022

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The COVID-19 global crisis was a wake-up call for everybody, especially for those who have the privilege to make some necessary lifestyle changes. If people were already becoming conscious consumers before the pandemic, then that trend accelerated even further as they realized that health truly is wealth.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who also values health and wellness, now may be the best time to jump into this trend. More than capitalizing on it and trying to make a profit out of this cultural moment, it’s all about providing people with healthier alternatives and wellness tips that are backed by science. There might be a massive market for this, especially since we live in a world filled with misinformation about what can keep us healthy.

If you are passionate about starting something of value and helping people be healthy, you must not hesitate to start a business that promotes health and wellness. Here are some ideas for where you can start.

Juices and Shakes

The reason so many people are having a hard time letting go of unhealthy drinks like iced teas and milk teas is that there are no healthier alternatives, but just as yummy as their unhealthy counterparts. Why not fill this gap in the market by coming up with your own line of juices and shakes that have less sugar but taste the same? You can also come up with mixes that provide immune system-boosting properties, similar to the ones that Jamba Juice makes, but yours would be bottled.

All you need to do is to partner with a team of experts—perhaps a nutritionist and a chef, to come up with recipes for your shakes and juices. Next, you can look for a laboratory that has top-of-the-line machinery, like a food-grade transfer pump, that can bring your products to life. You want to ensure that your laboratory or manufacturer is well-equipped, licensed, and passes every single health check out there to ensure that your products are made perfectly. It would be so ironic if you promote a health and wellness brand, only for your products to be contaminated. Don’t skimp on the partnerships when doing this type of business! Do your due diligence, and only work with people and companies that have a proven track record for success.

Health and Wellness Website

Arguably the easiest business you can start, having a health and wellness website or blog can help you start small and eventually expand from there. If you know certain topics in this industry, or if you are a licensed dietitian or nutritionist, for example, you already have so much advantage over your direct competitors. Now more than ever, your expertise is needed, especially considering how rampant misinformation is concerning health.

If you manage to grow a following through excellent, useful, and accurate content, then you can earn income through brand sponsorship and ad deals. You can also partner with influencers in the same industry so that you can increase your brand exposure and form enduring connections in the cutthroat industry. Eventually, you might be able to sell your own products, too.

Licensed Health Coaching

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Another business idea you can consider is a certified health coach business. In the same way that personal training is all about helping clients make doable and sustainable changes in their lifestyles, you can, as a health coach, also guide them as they work their way towards achieving their health goals. Less about weight loss and more about health, you can help clients refocus their attention to what’s important—ensuring that everything is well and good with their health. Weight loss is just an aspect of that, not the goal, especially in a world that thrives in toxic diet culture.

To ensure that you never harm your future clients, you might also want to earn a degree, take up some classes and seminars, talk to some doctors, nutritionists, and other health experts to ensure that you’re not spewing pseudoscience or harmful advice to your future clients. This process might take longer, but it’s a crucial part of the foundation of your business. If your state requires a license for you to practice as a health coach, don’t skip this process as well.

When we deal with people’s health, we need to ensure that everything is done correctly and above board. But when we do it right, we can be a guiding force that helps clients achieve their health goals and thrive even during a pandemic. The goal is absolutely worth it.

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