Kids and Teens Should Consider These 5 Awesome Activities

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If you have kids and teens whom you want to engage in worthwhile activities that will help develop their personality and skillset, then it’s important to choose wisely. Among those are what we call extra-curricular activities, which offer some great benefits.
Extra-curricular activities are things that kids and teens do outside of school – whether in the community, church or at home. These activities help them develop their self-confidence, enhance their mental, physical, and emotional capacities, and allow them to enjoy their childhood through such involvements.
Meanwhile, here are five fun activities that you can have your kids and teens engaged in:

Taking music/voice lessons

There are service providers that offer outstanding music and voice lessons in Lehi and other locations. If your kids or teens have a particular fondness for playing musical instruments or singing, then these activities would be perfect for them. Such lessons may last for a few days or weeks, depending on the level of your child’s skills and the advancement that they wish to achieve.


Someone once said he or she who reads, leads. While many teens and kids would rather go out with friends, there are a lot of them who prefer the company of some great books in the comfort of their rooms. Reading may seem boring to some, but for kids and teens who are thirsty for knowledge, the things that they learn from books is worth more than any adventure that they can have with friends.
Of course, that is not to say that the company of their friends is not worth your kids’ time; it’s just that getting them to read great books will greatly develop their critical thinking, comprehension, and knowledge about a lot of subjects.

kid reading

Doing volunteer work

If you want your kids and teens to develop their spirit of volunteerism, then you should definitely get them started in doing volunteer works for the local church, civic organization, or neighborhood association. It can be as simple as doing street cleanups to helping out in the different church activities. The idea is to instill in your kids and teens the genuine desire to help other people by devoting their time, energy, and skills to volunteer works.
Trying out a new sport/fitness activity
Yet another way of keeping your teens and kids busy and productive is to have them try out a new sport or enrol in a fitness activity like aerobics or yoga. You can enrol them in a dance studio or perhaps a summer sports clinic. The idea is to let them choose the sport or fitness activity that they are interested in so they can truly enjoy the program and make the most out of it.

Engaging in arts and crafts

Allow your kids and teens to immerse themselves in making handicrafts or doing some painting or sculpting with the guidance of a professional artist or sculptor. You could also try out other hobbies such as origami, woodwork, comic book drawing, digital animation, and many others. There are many clinics, organizations, and individuals offering such activities, so you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect mentors for your little ones.
With these awesome suggestions, your kids will surely enjoy getting into a new hobby that they will greatly benefit from.

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