Check for These Qualities in Your Wedding Videographer


Are you getting hitched soon? If so, you must have been really busy for the past few weeks or months preparing for the big day. You probably have been around places looking for possible venues for your reception, shopping for some wedding suppliers, and trying to find a professional and experienced wedding videographer.

When hiring a videographer to cover your wedding day, there are some non-negotiable qualities that your videographer must possess. By making sure that your videographer has all of these traits, you’re actually safeguarding your wedding from a potential epic fail caused by a problematic videographer. With that, be sure to check for these five qualities in the wedding videographer that you’re considering to hire:

Has a great portfolio

Among the key qualities of a great wedding videographer is having an excellent body of work that is easily verifiable. A great portfolio should demonstrate the videographer’s technical skills, as well as consistency in producing great-quality outputs from one wedding video to another. In short, the videographer should not be a one-hit-wonder but can demonstrate the ability to create videos of exceptional quality each time.

Knows how to communicate well

Another non-negotiable trait that a wedding videographer must have is the ability to communicate well with clients. Keep in mind that weddings must be properly coordinated down to the smallest details since the slightest glitch in any part of the preparations could affect the outcome of the occasion. As such, your videographer must constantly communicate with you throughout the preparation stages, the actual wedding day, and right after when the deliverables are to be given to you.

Highly creative and attentive to details


If you’re the kind of person who is a stickler for details, then it’s no small wonder why you wouldn’t want your wedding videographer to possess the same quality. With this, be sure to check if the videographer demonstrates a keen sense for details both in terms of preparing for wedding shoots and in doing the video edits. You could simply ask for some sample works to judge for yourself if the videographer has these traits. If yes, then you have a great candidate for your wedding day documentation.

Offers great package inclusions

You should likewise check if the videographer offers some value-for-money wedding packages with great inclusions. Does the videographer charge depending on how many hours the shoot would be or for the entire event regardless of how many hours it would take? Also, does the videographer offer a highlight reel of only five or 10 minutes containing only the most important parts of the wedding or does he or she offer an extended film that covers the entire speeches and the ceremonies?

By making sure the videographer provides excellent inclusions for the services being offered, you’re effectively narrowing down your list to a few good ones.

Competitive rates

Finally, see if the wedding videographer offers competitive pricing – that is, a price quotation that is at par with or lower than the rates advertised by other contractors. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t go with the one offering the lowest price quote as it could actually mean mediocre output. Go for the one that offers the most reasonable rates with the best-possible package inclusions.

With these traits as guides, getting the right videographer to document your wedding day should be a fairly easy task. Keep these things in mind to ensure successful wedding video coverage.

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