Conducting Training on Corporate Security and Wellness

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One of the hallmarks and traits of a great company is that it looks after the well-being of its employees and associates. And there are many benefits to making sure that they are healthy and safe. For starters, they are more productive and committed to their jobs.

A productive and committed workforce is a valuable asset for the company. They help find leads, generate income, and propel the company to greater heights. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure that employees have the tools, facilities, and amenities that improve their physical and mental well-being. But, unfortunately, you don’t hear many strategies to help keep them safe or help them get ready for extreme situations.

Here are two of the best and most recommended ways to help teach employees and associates how to deal with high threat levels.

Self-defense Training

Self-defense refers to any act, tool, or strategy that protects the self from any external harm. The purpose is to defend and survive any threat, not to attack. Why is this important in the workplace? First, it’s essential to be prepared for any situation, especially the ones characterized by violence.

Have you ever heard of workplace violence? This refers to any physical violence act or threat. It also includes intimidation and threatening disruptive behavior that happens in the workplace. According to statistics, at least 2 million workers in the US deal with workplace violence yearly.

An average of 1.5 million incidents of workplace violence is recorded yearly. At least 75% of that occur in the health care industry. And unfortunately, almost 44% of teachers report getting assaulted at school. What makes it alarming is that co-workers commit at least 21% of all assaults.

But even if you didn’t look at how dangerous a workplace can be, you must acknowledge that there is a certain degree of threat everywhere. For example, in the United States, the most common violent crime is aggravated assault.

Companies can help employees protect themselves from being victims of an aggravated assault occurring anywhere by assisting them in learning self-defense. So really, you’re not preparing your employees for workplace violence only; you’re helping to protect them even outside of the company premises. With proper training, many people will become more prepared to handle violent situations. This includes protecting themselves, their family, their friends, and even strangers.

By getting self-defense training, employees and associates can learn the importance of being aware of one’s surroundings at all times. They can also appreciate how essential it is to walk confidently and avoid eye contact. They can practice avoiding confrontation.

One of the golden rules to follow is that attacking first must be the last resort. They need to learn to assess the situation and determine the level of threat they are facing. And if they do attack first, they must attack all the way. Simple self-defense training can teach employees and associates the three critical strike zones to defend themselves effectively.

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Active Shooter Training

The history of violent mass shooting incidents underscores the importance of an active shooter contingency plan in any workplace. This is because so many lives have been lost in senseless violence. For example, almost 60 people were killed in a mass shooting in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. And 50 were claimed by another one at a club in Orlando in 2016.

What’s even worse is that mass shootings can occur in the open, in a close space, at a place for leisure, and even at schools. Unfortunately, the United States is not a stranger to these terrible incidents. And the sad thing is that so many victims and survivors had no idea about what to do.

Many cry that people don’t get taught how to react in a hazardous situation involving an active shooter. What do people do, and where do they go? This is why companies should consider giving active shooter training to help spread awareness.

This type of training can save lives. And many members of the police and military would say that the only way you can prepare for a shooter is when you’ve had practice the same way we practice fire and earthquake drills. In the same way, your employees and associates should know the standard operating procedures for active shooter threats.

It would be safer if you had ample training and practice to heighten tension and become more alert. Moreover, people need to learn how to be calm in perilous situations to act accordingly. Training like this will help your employees and associates become more aware of their surroundings and possible dangers.

They should know what to do the moment they hear a gunshot. They should learn about the layout of the company premises, especially the nearest exits and pathways. They should know when to run, hide, and fight back.

One of the things that make you great is how well you look after your employees and associates. It’s one of the things that even your customers, clients, and business partners will appreciate. So, in addition to the regular well-being training that employees and associates usually benefit from, companies should consider investing in security-related programs.

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