The Employer’s Gift Giving List for Rewarding Employees

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Having the right key performance indicators and goals in place allows you to properly identify which employees performed well over a given period. That’s well and good, but how would you ensure that all the data you’re measuring is from a workforce that’s highly motivated to do their best?

Offering incentives through a rewards and recognition program boosts your employees’ morale, consequently driving them to work harder at selling your products, serving your clients, and representing your brand. Additionally, employees who feel appreciated for their contributions to the company are more likely to feel a sense of connection and stay for the long term.

One of the most proven and trusted ways to recognize your employees is to give them gifts or incentives. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Technology-based Incentives

In an increasingly tech-dependent world, equipping your employees with useful gadgets and applications will allow them to hone their skills. Consider this as an investment you don’t want to miss out on given that they often translate into competitive advantages, regardless of your industry. Some popular examples include:

Subscription Services

Promote rest and recreation with subscriptions to popular video and music streaming services. These can inspire new ideas and rejuvenate their senses of creativity and innovation.

You can also encourage the improvement of the team’s overall health and wellness by including subscriptions to fitness tools in your rewards system. Handpick apps specializing in all kinds of workouts, yoga, or meditation classes and purchase premium membership for your employees. Besides boosting their motivation, it can also reduce absenteeism in the long run.

Digital Accessories

You can take your efforts a step further, and send your employees physical items, including:

  • Smartwatches monitor their fitness goals, calories burned, and heart rates. It also serves as a multipurpose device to keep track of your schedule, reminders, and more.
  • Wireless keyboards, mice, and pens for employees who prefer working on lightweight, portable devices like smartphones or tablets.
  • Multipurpose noise-canceling headphones to get them in the zone while exercising, working, or listening to their favorite podcasts.
  • Voice-controlled speakers to answer any question on the spot or to control smart-home fixtures (playing music, dimming lights, etc.).
  • Charging stations and portable power banks to make sure their devices are always full of energy and ready to go.
  • Security cameras that are sensitive to sound and motion can notify them of any outdoor activity to show that you prioritize their safety.
  • E-readers to encourage reading, learning, and self-development.


Non-Technical Gifts

There aren’t one-size-fits-all rewards for high-performing team members. Some employees may appreciate more traditional gifts instead. Keep in mind that the more personalized the gifts are, the more likely they are to be effective. While generic notes that compliment them for simply doing a “good job” or “nice work” can instill a sense of pride and accomplishment, they can never compare to actual tangible memorabilia:

Work From Home Essentials

The past year was quite the challenge to weather, and it may be easy to overlook the strength and determination it took for your team to adapt to the new normal. Reward their consistent performance despite transitioning to a remote setup. Show your employees that their work is appreciated with care boxes from a local gift shop in Arizona. Likewise, you can also use these as warm welcoming presents for new hires to get them started on the right track.

You can fully customize these packages to include productivity tools (personalized pens and planners, sticky notes), work essentials (file organizers, blue light glasses, mousepads, etc.), or even workspace decor and accessories. Alternatively, you can also fill the box with snacks, coffee beans, or a trendy mug. Simply select the items you want and you’re good to go. Taking the time to incorporate these items can help them continue working in a more pleasant environment.

Gift Cards

Giving the right gift cards encourages employees to indulge themselves in the gift. As opposed to cash, this lets them enjoy a treat instead of feeling obligated to purchase more useful or functional items. This further reinforces the idea of it being a reward that can leave lasting impressions.

Send Meaningful Gifts and Incentives

At the end of the day, every employee is different. While some may feel appreciated and recognized for their efforts through new technologies, others may respond more positively to a thoughtfully curated care package. Only you can identify which resonates more with your team, so choose wisely and send them their well-deserved gifts now.

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