Noting These Top Home Technology Breakthroughs in 2021

smart home

 As technology evolves rapidly, homeowners are given access to better and more functional home technology, making their lives at home way more manageable and comfortable. If you’re looking to make the most of your time at home, here are the top seven new home technology breakthroughs to look forward to in 2021 — promising a life of comfort and convenience.

Better Home Security

Besides having your annual home maintenance, such as repairing garage doors and broken plumbing, you can make your home more secure through technology. Current home security systems can be hooked to cloud storage, giving you nearly limitless storage and easy access. However, the most notable development in smart home security is drones, as drone cams are now seen patrolling different houses worldwide.

These security drones can connect to different sensors around your property and stay docked when not used. However, whenever one of the sensors gets triggered, the drones will fly to that particular area and investigate, all while filming — ensuring your home’s safe and secure with ease.

Smart Lighting

Lighting has increasingly advanced, as you can now control smart bulbs through a mobile app or voice command. They allow you to set the mood from afar, enabling you to activate your lights, even if you’re away from home. Also, many smart bulbs today come with geofencing features, where they use GPS to pinpoint your location. The best part is, these smart lights don’t require activating as they’ll automatically turn on when you’re at a particular point on your way home.

Virtual Assistant Integration


As people increasingly spend more time at home, AI-powered virtual assistants have become a significant part of most people’s lives. They’re now becoming more and more synced with every aspect of your home, allowing you to create a unified and open-source home platform with ease. Whether it’s activating your robot vacuum cleaner or making dinner reservations — all these are made possible with virtual assistant integration.

Mesh WiFi

With homeowners acquiring more and smart home devices over the years, having one WiFi point is no longer sufficient. Now, for homes to be genuinely ‘smart’ and run more home devices simultaneously, broader coverage is needed. That’s where mesh WiFi comes in. It’s an innovative technology that’s become increasingly popular among homeowners in 2021 as it’s more intelligent and capable than your standard router.

It uses AI to deliver consistent WiFi speeds throughout your home, helping make your dreams of having an efficient, functional, and fully interconnected smart home a reality.

Smart Bathroom

Whether it’s BlueTooth-powered speaker showerheads or mood-lit mirrors with smart demisters, these are smart home technology breakthroughs that take your bathroom experience up a notch. However, the brilliance of “smart bathrooms” is in the personalization. Digital showers and bath fillers allow homeowners to control every detail of their bathroom experience — these range from the precise temperature of your shower to the depth of your weekend bath.

Smart Home Gyms

With most people spending more time at home recently, smart home gyms have become a massive trend among homeowners. These come in the form of giant touchscreen displays, offering entire gyms and personal trainers in one retractable package. With the ability to keep track of the intricacies of each workout, it adapts its guidance while measuring your progress in real-time, making each session more efficient than the last.

Additionally, advancements in electromagnetic technology allow you to change weight resistance with a press of a button or voice prompt.

Overall Smarter Homes

smart home

Although smart homes have been around for a while now, today, you now have access to numerous technologies to make your abode smarter. Not too long ago, having a smart thermostat or automated curtains was enough to consider a house “smart.” However, in 2021, technological breakthroughs are going to make sure homes are genuinely intelligent. Artificial intelligence (AI) has a growing impact on the way we live, and in a connected environment, the home gets smarter every day.

Instead of merely reacting to commands and following the things you tell it to do, smart homes today can now actively adapt and make changes depending on your preferences and behavioral patterns. For instance, machine learning and advanced AI can make your home know that you’ll want to increase the house’s temp a degree or two before realizing it yourself.

As technology grows and people become more used to convenience, homes are now becoming more than just a mere roof over everyone’s heads — and the home technology breakthroughs mentioned show how integrated houses are becoming in our everyday lives. From assisting with cooking to ensuring your house’s safety 24/7, they’re only getting smarter.

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