Reliable Gadgets and Devices for Safety and Security


You might not think that you need safety and security devices beyond the standard locks on their doors and an alarm system. However, many devices on the market can give you an extra layer of protection without breaking the bank. Here are a few reliable gadgets and devices for safety and security that you may not have considered:

A door-stop alarm

Door-stop alarms are a simple but effective solution to help keep you and your family safe. These devices offer motion-sensing technology and sound-alarm signals to alert you when someone is at the door. Simply place the small alarm close to the doorframe, attach it with adhesive strips or screws, and turn it on when needed.

Once activated, any movement near the door will be detected and trigger a loud alarm as a warning signal to scare away intruders or alert those in the immediate vicinity. It’s also easy to silence an alarm once triggered with just a single button press, allowing you peace of mind while protecting your home from unwanted visitors.

A door jamb reinforcement kit

A door jamb reinforcement kit provides an easy and effective solution to safeguard the door that leads into the house. Installing this kit typically takes a few minutes and consists of several pieces designed to fit together neatly. The components secure the door frame and stabilize and strengthen the hinges, making it much harder for burglars to kick in or manipulate the doors.

The reinforcement can help keep intruders out even if they break locks or compromise other parts of the door’s security system. In addition, some home insurance companies may recognize this type of installation, which can contribute to keeping premiums low. While providing peace of mind, a door jamb reinforcement kit is an affordable option requiring no special tools or expertise to install.

A safe

Safe lock

When it comes to valuables, safety and security are top of mind. No matter the item’s size and worth, having a place to store them securely is paramount. A safe is an ideal solution for protecting your precious items, regardless of if you’re a business person, homeowner, or high-value collector. Not only do safes come in all shapes, sizes, and types – from wall-mounted to fireproof – but they also provide key features to keep your assets secure.

For instance, modern safes feature an array of anti-theft technologies extending beyond a traditional combination lock. Biometric scanners, motion sensors, CCTV coverage, and more are becoming increasingly common in models today. Many are even designed to accommodate jewelry trays and configurable shelving for maximum storage versatility. On top of all this, various levels of fire protection have been integrated into some designs as well – perfect for safeguarding irreplaceable documents or digital data from potential harm caused by blazes or floods.

A simple deadbolt lock

A deadbolt lock is easy to install yet highly effective at preventing outside entry. It works quickly and silently, so you don’t need to worry about fumbling for the key in the middle of the night. Look for one with a hardened steel bolt, tough enough to resist kick-ins or manipulation.

It’s important to select one with a throwaway at least an inch long – the longer it is, the harder it will be to force open. You also may want to choose a model with an anti-drill coating and enhanced security features like bump key resistance. Finally, ensure it includes two keys so you can always have a spare in case of loss or theft.

An exit device

Exit devices are essential in ensuring a given space’s safety and security. They are essentially mechanical devices installed in doorways, allowing people within the space to exit easily while preventing unauthorized entry.

Certain types of exit devices are designed specifically to meet fire safety codes. For example, these devices may be required to be hold-open until an alarm sounds. At this point, they automatically self-lock, preventing anyone from entering the area. Exit device release mechanisms can also be manual or automatic, depending on the level of security desired. In any case, exit device installation is often mandatory for exits in public buildings under certain local building codes, so it’s important to know the laws when considering a safety solution for your building.

Additionally, when purchasing an exit device, you must ensure you get one from the top brands in the market. This will ensure that your device is reliable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Exit devices from Sargent are highly recommended for their superior quality and performance. They’re also easy to install, even as a novice or DIY enthusiast, which is great if you want to save on installation costs.

Plenty of gadgets and devices on the market can help you stay safe and secure without breaking the bank. Adding just a few extra layers of protection can deter criminals and help you sleep better at night, knowing that your home or office is more secure. Give some of these devices a try and see how they work for you!

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