Gadgets for the Elderly: the Best Gifts to Give Your Grandparents

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Winter is coming. And along with it is the holidays.

With Christmas right around the corner, the time for giving back is drawing near once again. And this time, it should be about the people who never failed to make you special. Yes, that’s right. This Christmas should be about the meemaws and the pawpaws. The grandparents who consistently spoiled you every Christmas. This time, it’s your turn to spoil them back.

Here are the five best gadgets you can get your grandparents this coming holiday.

4th Generation Amazon Echo Dot

This smart speaker is the center of all the hype. It’s the perfect gift for your grandparents. Getting them their Alexa is like getting them an AI house aid. Not only can they dance along with the jams of their childhood, but they can also finally finish up entire books without having to strain their eyes.

But audiobooks and podcasts aren’t the only features they can enjoy. Alexa can also give them the power to turn on lights, adjust thermostats, lock doors, and even call people with a simple voice command. And along with these hands-free features, it can also tell jokes, answer inquiries, set alarms, and check the weather.

Price: $49.99

Blue Doorbell Camera Security System

Now that they’re old and most probably living alone, their security should be the priority. Help make sure the fruits of their hard work and VA loans are secured by giving them this doorbell security system as a gift.

This smart, over-the-top camera can help them see who’s outside their home without having to leave the bedroom. It has night vision and a wide field of view that can help them see the entire front lawn in the middle of the night if anything triggers its customized motion detection zones. Plus, you can use the 2-way talk feature with noise cancellation, so you can always talk to them whenever you want to check up on them by checking the footage saved in the cloud.

Price: $199.99


Since your grandparent’s health and security are priceless, getting them this smart pill dispenser can be a good investment. MedaCube ;;can contain up to 90 days’ worth of supply for as many as 16 different medicines. It’s easily accessible since it already boasts a touch screen interface.

The margin of error also decreases since they will see a picture of the pills before getting each dose. It’s also lockable and has sensors that can alert both your grandparents and yourself whenever incorrect dosing or spillage is in the device.

It has been approved by the FDA, so you know it’s safe. And the most important thing is that as it helps remind your grandparents about their medical maintenance, it also gives you peace of mind. It sends text messages, emails, and even calls each time they use it. This also works whenever they miss a schedule or when the device requires a refill.

Price: $1,549

Esky 80db Key Finder

Speaking of aging memory, it’s common for the elderly to lose track of where they put their belongings. Now, it’s one thing to not know where the remote control is, but it’s entirely on a different level when they can’t find their keys.

This device can help them track where their keys are within a 131-foot radius. It works on an advanced radio frequency that penetrates concrete walls, wooden furniture, and metallic appliances. It has a light and sound feature that you can use with just a press of a button. Finding your wallet, house or car keys, or even the TV remote can be easier if you follow the beeping sound and alert light that it has.

Price: $17.99

Philips Hue Lighting System

Getting them a Philips Hue Lighting System can make their lives more convenient in an instant. These smart lights can be connected to Google Assistant, making it easier to control their lighting with mere voice commands.  It also comes with an app on your phone that can help adjust the bulbs’ brightness levels with just a simple tap.

And to top it all off, you can also get Philips Hue Smart Buttons. These buttons can be placed on any surface without calling an electrician to adjust or add wiring. By setting it up on their phones, they can turn off the living room lights without having to get off the bed. No more walking in the dark for grandpa. You can be their guiding light.

Philips Hue Light System $160.87
Philips Hue Light Bulb $37.99
Philips Hue Smart Button $20

The bottom line

These are just some of the best gadgets you can give your grandparents in terms of their functionality, user-friendliness, and timeliness. However, there are also other AI-influenced products to consider, like temperature control smart mugs, smart thermostats, smart aromatherapy diffusers, and simple smartphones. With the current advances in technology, they can live their lives more conveniently, and it is your responsibility to help ease their way through the adjustment.

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