Innovative Gadgets That Will Help Keep You Safe During Your Everyday Grind


When you’re always on the move, it’s inevitable that you sometimes get into minor accidents or medical scares. During these moments, it’s better that you’re prepared and well equipped with the things you need to deal with such situations or prevent them. It is said that prevention is better than cure, and there really is no arguing with that. As protection from ominous situations, you can use some innovative and handy gadgets listed below during your travels or days at work.

Portable Exam Kit

A portable exam kit is perfect for individuals who have medical conditions that should always be monitored or those who simply want a new addition to their first aid kits for home or travel use. It comes complete with a stethoscope, a tongue depressor, and an otoscope. This kit also connects to an app so that you can get the opinion of medical professionals when needed.

Compact EKG Monitor

It’s difficult to get the proper medical attention that you need when you’re not familiar with the situation or do not have a healthcare professional nearby. When your medical scare involves your heart health, assessing the situation and getting an ideal diagnosis is almost impossible without proper equipment. By bringing a compact EKG monitor with you pm days when you’re out or staying in, you can provide yourself or a loved one with the correct diagnosis and give them the right medical attention they need. Like a regular EKG monitor, its compact version also works the same way by measuring and recording your heart rate.

Handy Air Purifier

air purifier

Air purifiers have become essentials since the beginning of the pandemic. Being in the same space with a person with COVID-19 without a six-foot distance can put you at extreme risk, especially if you’re not wearing a mask. Masks and other PPEs are extremely helpful in keeping people safe from the virus, but you can further enhance your protection by getting a portable air purifier. This device is equipped with fans and filters that work to draw in air without the particles. It then refills the immediate space you’re in with clean air.

Sanitizer Wand

Another regular device-turned-essential by the pandemic is the sanitizer wand. A sanitizer wand wields germ-eliminating properties that will clean the surfaces you come in contact with during your daily grind. This device uses UV-C light to clean surfaces and eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria. With this, you no longer have to spray surfaces with cleaners repeatedly. It will even help you save money from buying alcohol and other surface solutions.

Smart Jewelry

Health scares aren’t the only things you’ll encounter in your daily life. There’s also the risk of getting into dangerous situations involving suspicious individuals. To keep yourself safe during times like these, getting yourself a smart protective device that you can easily bring anywhere is ideal. Smart accessories are just the right devices for this purpose because these intelligent gadgets can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and even automatically send distress calls to your chosen emergency contact. Its functions can be triggered by tapping its backside and being equipped with a long-lasting battery, saving you the hassle of recharging.

Protective Clothing

Wearing a mask is how you’ll protect yourself and the others around you from the virus. It reduces exposure and the risk of getting severe infections, so yes, masks save lives. Although masks already offer ample protection, you can still enhance it by using a scarf that offers similar, if not, heightened qualities. A scarf and mask combination features a built-in N95 filter to keep out allergens, microbes, and pollutants, decreasing your chances of getting sick.

Another piece of protective clothing you can wear, especially when you work in hazardous industries, is fire-resistant apparel that’s made from durable materials to safeguard you from chemicals, flammable liquids, heat, and even direct flame. Along with helmets and other gear, this added protection allows you to accomplish tasks safely and effectively.

Travel Door Lock

Gauging a place’s safety can be tough, especially when you’re not familiar with the area. As is the case with traveling, hotel rooms provide you with safe and secure lofts, but their door locks can be faulty during your stay, leading to dangerous situations. To guarantee that you are safe in the place you’re staying in during your travels or even when you’re just shopping and inside a fitting room trying out some clothes, using a portable door lock will ensure that you have the power to prevent unauthorized access to your personal space. A travel door lock is heavy-duty but is compact enough to secure a permanent spot in your go-to bag.

Being vigilant and taking extra protective measures may look too taxing and constricting, but these things are important to prevent major medical conditions and accidents from happening.

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