Gadgets and Devices That Will Keep You Warm Next Winter

during winter

When the temperature starts to dip, the sweaters and warm socks come out of the closet. Sidewalks are a pain, but you can look forward to a ski trip with the family. Thanks to technology, the ever-shivering cold of the winter starts to dissipate because of gadgets and devices that can keep you warm all day long. Whether it’s a heat pack hidden inside your jacket or a foot warmer in the office, there’s nothing these devices can't do as long as you know how to maximize their uses.


Cold in the office and at home? It’s no wonder you’re sneezing your way through the winter. You're not keeping yourself warm enough. Find out about the myriad of devices and gadgets that will keep you warm and sleeping through the winter like a baby.


Heated Mouse


If you find your hands freezing in the office, that’s because computers, peripherals, and other things tend to get really cold. Your stainless steel table is also not a great choice under these circumstances. Roll out an oversized keyboard pad to rest your arms on. Better yet, get a heated mouse to keep your fingers warm. Frostbites happen a lot these days because of the extreme cold during winter.


Heated Jacket


Who said you can’t be fashionable while making sure you’re kept safe and warm? You can get heated jackets. These have built-in heating elements that will warm you up during those freezing days. Stores nowadays offer a wide selection of winter wear, such as Obermeyer jackets for women, men, and children. This brand delivers super thermal features that will surely prevent you from shivering in the cold. As a bonus, these jackets are insulated and durable enough to keep you warm on those ski trips you'll be having on your vacation. 


Air Purifier


When the weather gets too cold outside, you’ll have to close the doors and windows to keep the warm air inside. However, that impacts the quality of air in your home. That’s why you need an air purifier. It cleans the air inside the room, removing harmful toxins and contaminants. Air purifiers use a HEPA filter to remove 99% of harmful particles.


Learning Thermostat


You know about programming thermostats to maximize energy efficiency. But do you know about thermostats that can learn your routine and adjust themselves accordingly? These devices can even give you tips on how to conserve energy and reduce your electricity bills. Such devices can change the thermostat per room, depending on what they learn from your preferences.


Smart Heating Insoles


There’s nothing more uncomfortable during the winter than feeling cold in the feet. Have you noticed how you try to squeeze in your feet under the covers at night? No matter what socks you wear in the office, those are nothing against the freezing cold. So, why not do something about it? Heating insoles can warm your feet, track your steps, and burn calories all at the same time.


Travel Mug


A warm cup of coffee or tea when you’re almost freezing to death is like paradise. But where can you always get warm tea when you’re on the go? A travel mug that can keep your ideal temperature for up to three hours is the answer to your problem. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some mugs even have a control panel in front, so you can change the temperature that you want. And yes, some are so advanced that they can connect to your smartphone.


Touchscreen Gloves


Do you even live in the 21st century if you don’t have a pair of touchscreen gloves? If you have to remove your gloves and subject your fingers to frostbite every time you need to use your smartphone, that’s not a truly smart move, right? Touchscreen gloves are priced differently depending on the brand. They have different materials, too, though they’ve perfected their functions.


Smart Blanket


Is it hard for you to share a blanket with your partner because he/she likes the room cool or warm? If you don’t agree with the temperature, you can get a smart blanket. You can program the blanket depending on your preference. In the summer, use it to cool down. Or, if you like, keep it a little warmer when the air-conditioning is on. You can even set the bedtime so your bed will feel warm or cold at the exact time.


Technology has gone a long way from when you need a dial-up connection to send an email. Today, people use technology not only to communicate but to make their lives comfortable and convenient. Whether it’s for use in the office or in homes, the goal of these devices and gadgets is to keep you warm and relaxed. So, instead of subjecting yourself to winter blues and health problems, check out what these gadgets can do for you.   

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