Self-love: Distancing Yourself From Too Much Technology

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Technology has made a huge impact on our lives that we can longer spend a single day without it. And despite its exceptional benefits, too much use of technology can have many adverse effects on an individual’s physical and mental health. This is why we need to unplug from it from time to time. And finding the healthiest ways to do so is essential to reap its benefits.

While there are times when we need to our messages or stay reachable, we usually spend too much time browsing social media platforms or chatting with someone when having dinner with our loved ones.

Unfortunately, modern technology is addictive, causing people to keep wanting more of it. We need to deliberately distance ourselves from technology to cognitively revitalize ourselves and allow our brains to have more space for creative thinking. It’s also critical to keep us connected with actual people and maintain empathy towards others.

Technology is indeed a positive element that makes our lives easier, but like alcohol, moderate use is essential. And while it can bring us close to distant loved ones, it can never replace the significance of real-life relationships and interaction. Setting aside technology can help you live a balanced life and develop healthy habits.

If you’re having difficulty disengaging from technology, consider these tips below.

Set Boundaries

Set specific hours of the day when you can check your social media pages and make sure to stick to the schedule. Try to avoid using your phone when eating, before going to bed, or right after waking up so you can practice self-discipline. Remember, you have to follow the boundaries you set. Otherwise, you’ll find it hard to stay away from technology.

In addition, don’t forget to tell your friends and family about this new lifestyle of yours. This is particularly essential so that you won’t have to feel obligated to respond to every chat, message, photo comment, and online interaction all the time.

Find Another Hobby

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One of the main reasons people are so hooked on technology use is boredom. Without hobbies that do not involve tech, they don’t know where to spend their free time or make their day fun. As a result, people spend hours playing mobile games, watching videos, or browsing social media. If this sounds like you, you need a new hobby.

Find an activity that will keep you busy apart from using technology. For instance, read a book, go to the gym, enroll in ballroom dancing classes, or learn a new musical instrument. Developing a new hobby will help you improve your skills and knowledge, so it’s definitely worth the try.

Get Rid of Your Triggers

You may not notice it, but subtle triggers cause you to check your phone and connect online. And before you know it, you have already wasted three hours scrolling your Instagram feed.

Determine your triggers or the things that tempt you to keep checking your phone. For example, if it’s your habit to go online shopping when you feel stressed, find an alternative way to manage stress, perhaps listen to calming music or do yoga! Over time, you’ll be able to determine your other triggers and get rid of them once and for all.

Make Rules for Yourself

We use our phones anywhere, anytime, even when it’s dinner time. Reduce your addiction to technology by making rules for yourself, such as:

  • No phones while eating
  • Turn off the TV at the designated time
  • No video calls for more than 20 minutes
  • Talk to people more
  • Phone-free policy during family time

The key here is discipline. You made the rules, and now it’s time to follow them.

Bed Time in Bed Time

Did you know that our brains need to adjust themselves to get ready for sleep? Using your phone before bedtime stimulates your brain to stay active, making it hard to fall asleep. But by disengaging from using mobile phones and other devices, you give your brain the chance to relax, which helps in getting better sleep. In addition, research made by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences concluded that mobile use during bedtime could obstruct our sleep patterns.

Disengage by Schedule

If you can’t completely pull yourself apart from your computer or phone, schedule a no-technology part for the day. For example, use your lunch break to talk with your co-workers, take a short walk outside, or get a rest instead of watching a movie on your phone.

In conclusion, you can’t shut off technology entirely, especially if it’s part of your job and daily routine. However, making a conscious effort to step back a little can positively affect your life.

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