The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Side of the Internet

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The internet is usually a good place to be in. It offers an avenue for entertainment, learning, work, and communication. But when it isn’t used properly, it can also be a place for rotten behavior, criminal engagement, and malicious acts to thrive.

It really is nobody’s fault, but at the same time, it’s everyone’s fault. The internet used to be just a tool that the military used for strategy, which was then expanded to be used in research and communication between scientists. Now, it proves to be an intangible manifestation that people can’t live without.

Can you imagine what will happen to the world today if there was no internet? Even short disruptions in internet connections can send groups of people into mania because the video they were watching suddenly stopped, or they were in the middle of an important document they haven’t saved yet.

No matter the reason people have for valuing the internet so much, it’s easy to say that almost everyone’s lives depend on it. The internet is a vital tool that is used in everyday situations. But because everyone can access the network, it can anything heartwarming, mind-stimulating, to plain horrifying.

The Good

When used for good, the internet can be a powerful thing. People who have access to it can use the internet to learn a new skill or educate themselves inexpensively. The internet is also a network utilized by media companies to disseminate relevant news through their websites and social media accounts.

Different industries use the internet to establish their businesses more efficiently. In fact, archiving software solutions have been developed to ease the productivity and record-keeping of businesses through the internet. It’s not only used for sales and marketing, but also smooth daily operations as well.

The internet provides an avenue for individuals and businesses alike to easily transact and communicate with anyone in the world in real-time. It keeps people connected, whether for learning, self-growth, or to feel like they’re not alone. The internet is good for things like that.

The Bad


But the internet can also be a bad place to always be in. For instance, children who are left unmonitored online can be exposed to situations that can traumatize them for good. It is also a prominent avenue for cyberbullying in adolescents, but almost everyone can be targeted by bullies who are confidently hiding behind anonymity.

That’s another bad aspect of the internet. People think they can say anything they want to anyone online and not suffer the repercussions. They don’t know that badmouthing or defaming others online can adversely affect the victims’ mental and physical health.

Sadly, a lot of these cases go by unnoticed until it’s too late to do anything about the situation. The internet can be filled with hatred and violence towards people, wayward ideas, cultural traditions, celebrity figures, and the media.

And it just gets worse from here when left unchecked.

The Ugly

The internet is everywhere. It can also be manipulated by anyone who has the skills to use it for self-gratification. Some hackers steal identities or are accomplices to criminal behavior. Others use the internet to spy on others and do malicious things.

But ultimately, because there are no governing bodies that regulate every part of the internet, it can be a place for evil to thrive. If you know which sites to visit, you can find things that are disgusting and completely horrifying.

Some people do things on the internet that forego basic human rights or are borderline human trafficking. The web is also a place where anyone can access dangerous weapons through the black market.

A content moderator’s job is to not allow such negative imagery to enter social media sites and popular sharing portals. However, they can only do so much before what they see daily leads them to break.

Being on the internet is like being between two sides of the spectrum. You can be on the best side one minute and then be on the worst side the next. People really need to take everything in moderation because anything excessive has downsides.

The internet is only a powerful thing if you let it consume you. But if you know how to make your way around the network, you can avoid the dark side and only dwell on the good. That being said, you should promote good internet habits for yourself to lessen the noise online.

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