Top Robots/Machines That Do The Housework For You

robot vacuum cleaner

Although robots can’t do all of your housework, for now, they definitely can do most of the chores you don’t like doing, such as mowing the lawn and taking care of the floors. These machines were designed to address your unique household chores, making life at home a bit more manageable.

That said, here are the top robots and machines that can do the housework for you.

Robotic Arm

Cooking can be a tedious task. Luckily, robotic arms are now a thing, and you can have them designed to be compatible with different end effectors, which can be extremely useful in the kitchen. You can have them designed to perform spinning, welding, and assembling.

Besides helping you at home, a robotic arm can be helpful when you have a chain of breakfast restaurant franchises.

Robotic Mop

Mopping the floors is one of the most tiring household chores. However, you don’t need to worry about that now since robotic mops are here to help. They’ll do the task for you hassle-free, and the best part is, unlike other automated products for household use, they’re relatively cheaper. It saves you money, time and makes sure your floors are always dust-free and sparkling clean!

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners are perhaps the most popular machine that can help with one housework that most don’t like—vacuuming. These are autonomous vacuum cleaners with AI. It allows users to program the floor area through a dedicated app, making it more efficient in cleaning their home’s unique flooring structure.

Autonomous Lawnmower

Automatic lawnmowers have been around for a while and are one of the best machines to invest in for homeowners as they’re super helpful in gardening. They work similar to robotic vacuums, boasting several sensors that make it easier for them to navigate through the grassy fields of your front- and backyard. Models like the Husqvarna Automower can cover multiple acres with ease.

Moreover, automatic lawnmowers possess safety mechanisms that prevent accidents, making them 100% safer than standard lawnmowers. They have sensors sensitive to collisions and automatically deactivate the blades when the device is handled.

Automatic lawnmowers

Robotic Window Cleaner

If you have several windows in your home, it can be challenging to cover each one, and even if you didn’t have a lot, cleaning windows can be tiring since you need to wipe them down from both sides. Fortunately, you can now buy robotic window cleaners. Start by suctioning it to a window and let it start cruising.

It works by using its built-in squeegee and cleaning pad whir and wipe the glass until it’s clean.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Cleaning the pool can be one of the most challenging chores around the home. Luckily, there are now robotic pool cleaners that can make your job easier. These machines can cover both the pool’s walls and floors with ease.

The best part is, all you need to do is chuck the machine in the pool and leave it to complete its cleaning cycle, allowing you to tend to other tasks.

Automatic Dustpan

Conventional dustpans can be a backbreaker, and it can be challenging to entirely rid your floors of dust, especially in those tight corners. Plus, if you have allergies, using traditional dustpans is just trouble. An automatic or robotic dustpan works with your central vacuum, sucking up dust and dirt. All you need to do is sweep towards it—and it’ll pull the dust away.

Clothes Managing System

If you find yourself going to the dry cleaners often, investing in an automated clothes managing system like the LG styler, you can bring that number down to a zero. It has options like “Gentle Dry” and “Pants Crease Care,” ensuring your clothing always looks neat and pressed regardless of the garment’s fabric.

You can control and modify steam cycles, temperature, and other features through a dedicated app for the machine. The best part is, it can help reduce environmental allergies up to 99% than other standard cleaning appliances, so if you often suffer from allergies or a runny nose, this will be an excellent investment.

Laundry Folding Machine

Doing the laundry is easy, but folding the dried laundry can be cumbersome, even if it’s not an energy-intensive chore. However, it is time-consuming. Luckily, there’s a specialized laundry-folding robot that can help you address this issue.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) helps the robotic folding machine fold your dried laundry according to your preferences. However, these can be expensive, going for $1000 per unit. Unless you have a huge family with kids or really don’t like folding clothes, invest in one of these.

We’ve come a long way from days of doing housework manually to having access to different gadgets for each task. With robotics at the forefront of home technology, you can now have unique robots or machines, like those mentioned to help you with your chores—saving you time and money while keeping your home in top condition.

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