Training Yourself to be Future-proof: What You Should Do

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The professional industry is constantly changing, evolving with the times, and adapting to innovations. Since the invention of the first machine that made labor efficient, people have been worried whether their job will remain relevant in the future. Let’s face it, every year, we witness computers do jobs faster than humans and, at times, even do tasks that humans cannot. Many jobs throughout the years have been entirely replaced by automation, and the people of the 21st century still have not forgotten this feeling.

But it’s not as if there’s nothing we can do about this. Indeed, the professional landscape is constantly changing, but we can change and adjust along with it. By arming our skills relevant to society, we can be assured that there will be a job for us. However, the requirement is to arm yourself with skills new skills relevant to today’s time. Here are a few skills that are important now and will be more important in the future.

Data Analysis

It’s undeniable to say that we live in a computer era. And with living in a computer era comes automation and codification of almost everything. We can run information and statistics through computers to discover the answers to questions. Analyzing results to discover why something works and measuring the success of a project are now actions that even small businesses and start-ups can do, not just big corporations.

But before doing that, one needs to know how to get those statistics and ask the right questions. Skills like using spreadsheets, visualizing data and charts, basic programming are now in demand as more companies move to take advantage of the now-easily accessible data.

Studies show that that around a third of employees find data analysis uncomfortable. This, in turn, results in tremendous losses for companies: up to 43 hours of working time per employee and billions of dollars annually. Many companies will soon demand a working knowledge for data analysis, making it something you need to future-proof yourself.

Web Development

With the prominence of the internet and the sheer number of people who use it, there’s no surprise that making your own website is still a highly sought-out skill. Both major companies and start-ups rely on the internet to disseminate information and do business. And a large part of that entails having a good website to work with, something that web developers and designers are responsible for.

What’s interesting is that while web design is still a relatively new profession (it only exploded in popularity in the last decade or so), its importance and demand could not be understated. Employment rates in this industry look very positive, and it’s projected to grow even more in the next few years. The great thing is there are many available resources, both free and paid, which means you can start educating yourself and learn this skill now.

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Social Media Marketing

Marketing and advertisements have always been viable career options. After all, with media’s reach, major companies see it as the best platform for them to advertise, giving jobs to marketers everywhere. However, what’s interesting is how media has changed over the last few years. Looking back fifteen to twenty years ago, social media was something that wasn’t popular or mainstream. But now, it has become a driving force in society and has changed how businesspeople approach business.

As Internet use increases and businesses move their operations from a physical medium to a virtual one, social media marketers will be desperately needed. With how intuitive and instinctive it might seem at first, social media actually has an interesting going-on behind it that warrants dedicated studying and observation. And this is where social media marketers come in. They know the trend and the pulse of social media and can provide businesses with the skills necessary to run a successful online marketing campaign.

Online Entrepreneurship

One of the most important benefits that the internet has provided us is access to a far-reaching and wide platform. It contains resources not normally available, and it can connect two people from the opposite side of the world. This has made it the perfect location for those without physical media to ply their wares, giving birth to online commerce.

With financial technology improving at a constant rate and the popularity of buying and selling platforms, online entrepreneurship has become a new skill. While it lends itself to owning your own business, it’s still an important skill to learn as it will be a regular option for those looking to find a better job.

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