Essential Reasons to Add Creative Videos to Your Website

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Whether you own a website for business purposes or are trying to grow your online presence for personal reasons, you’ve likely heard of the saying “content is king,” efficiently describing the importance of marketing. Although written content is still adequate to some audiences, visual marketing dominates everything else—boosting audience interactions and actions.

Among them, video marketing is at the top. Surveys show that over 46% of people who watched a video ad on business websites take action after watching it, making video content crucial in promoting your website.

If you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons why you should use creative videos for your website.

Show Off Brand, Products, Services, and Company Culture

Publishing videos is an excellent way to “humanize” your brand and connect with your website’s visitors, a connection that’s part of trust and relationship building. Consumers consult and buy from websites they trust. Publishing a video can bridge the gap, like how any video production company sends their message through short, concise, and clever videos—providing subconscious trust signals between your website and visitor.

You Can Rank Better in Google

A factor of Google’s algorithm regarding search rankings is the dwell time or how long users stay on your website. It’s also referred to as long clicks or short clicks, where the idea is that if users spend more time on your website, the search engine perceives it to have quality content—boosting rankings. An excellent way to grab and hold your visitors’ attention is by providing short and compelling videos about your website and what you do.

Besides providing captivating videos, make sure to use relevant keywords in its video title, description, and tags to give your website an additional SEO boost.

It Offers a Great Website Experience

Modern websites have long improved from static brochure sites, which used to dominate the internet. Successful businesses and influencers are using their websites to offer compelling and overall great experiences across their brands. That’s why it’s wise for website owners to find ways to connect and build relationships with their visitors since this can improve loyalty in the future.

Regardless of your mission, publishing videos on your website can supplement the visitors’ experience, building lasting connections.

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Video Provides a Better Website Experience and Retention Rate

Videos offer websites supplemental material to their static content, offering a more compelling and fun experience for their visitors. Publishing a video or two is a great way to build lasting relationships with your online visitors. Users are likely to remember your videos rather than the content they can read on other websites. Plus, video links are easily shareable, giving your visitors a chance to share your content and brand to their peers across different social platforms.

You Can Stand Out from Your Competition

Videos in today’s digital world are a crucial part of content marketing, and it’s going to become more critical since 90% of online consumers that product and service videos help them decide what to buy. Plus, over 64% of website visitors are likely to leave with a purchase on-hand after watching a video.

The best part is, today, only half of businesses worldwide currently use video content in their marketing strategy, a number predicted to rise to 64% in the future. That means you have the chance to stand out among the competition by using this powerful marketing tool, and it’s best to use creative videos to introduce your brand to new visitors, answer their queries, or generally have a good time.

However, as more website owners become aware of the success rate of online video marketing, your competition may also grab the chance to get ahead of you, so be proactive and publish quality videos on your website.

It Caters to Mobile Users

Although written content is still helpful to many, it may become overwhelming for mobile users. A short 1000-word article on a desktop is way longer on a smartphone screen, which is detrimental to the users’ attention span. That’s why even if you have informative and well-written content, video still reigns on top when it comes to enticing mobile users, as receiving the same info through concise and entertaining videos can make it easier for the average person to take in.

Since watching videos on mobile devices has increased by over 532% in the previous years, 40% of people prefer to get their information visually instead of plain text—it only makes sense for you to add videos to your website.

If you’re still unsure of publishing videos for your website, consider the reasons and benefits mentioned, helping you stay up-to-date and stand out among the competition. Videos are some of the most crucial tools for websites to grow as more consumers and general internet users are now frequently consuming video content than ever before—and the trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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