Surfing The Web Is Fun, But Have You Ever Tried Being Internet-Productive?

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If we’re talking guilty pleasures, nothing comes close to aimlessly scrolling through TikTok, YouTube shorts, and laughing at the quirky and witty comments other people post online whenever you’re free. Plus, if you fancy yourself quite the comedian, then joining in on the fun or cracking a few jokes when you’re playing is what the recreational side of the internet was made for and still stands strong to this day.

However, having a bit of fun and staying updated with friends and your favorite celebrities aren’t the only activities available to you, and while that may seem like a no-brainer to anyone who casually surfs the web, only a select few ever really consider productivity when they’re online. So, to help break the ice and hopefully shed some light on the topic, we’ll be going over some of the best and most productive ways you can be using your internet time right now with little to no barrier to entry.

Explore Open Online Course Providers

Although pushing courses down people’s throats receives a bad reputation among online users who dislike influencers that never seem to stop advertising them, there’s a vast selection of open online course providers that are ten times more helpful. For example, a quick trip to Udemy or Coursera will connect you with a landing page filled with in-demand skills and educational courses like a Bootcamp for Python or the basics of Facebook Marketing Analytics. What’s more, you can find numerous free online courses from top universities around the globe, which is definitely worth your time online.

Get Into Making Videos Or Streaming

We live in a time where content creation is king, and for anyone with a good sense of trends and the willingness to talk in front of a camera, there are plenty of opportunities just waiting for you if you try making videos on YouTube or streaming directly to Twitch. Fair warning, though, you won’t be making any of the big bucks earlier on because it takes a lot of dedication and time investment before you release something that goes instantly viral. But, if you’re not afraid of the grind and enjoy the process, it won’t hurt to give it a shot.

Play To Earn On The Blockchain With Axie Infinity

On the topic of online games, most people have always associated them with relaxing or diving deep into some engaging story-telling, but now you can play to earn on many crypto-based NFT games without needing to become part of the professional scene. Axie Infinity is one of the top-grossing titles known today, and with a growing community among Southeast Asian countries, it will only be so long until it starts spilling over everywhere else in the world. And while price levels have been showing bearish indicators, the community’s enthusiasm and the developers’ determination to expand the game keep the momentum strong.

Start Working With A Virtual Assistant

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If you have trouble managing a small business on the side while pursuing a career and can’t seem to get to-do lists or time schedules to work for you, hiring a virtual assistant to help fill in the gaps of your online productivity is one of the best solutions out there. For many people, productivity applications just don’t jive well with their personality or way of doing things, so having an actual person to do some of the menial tasks and scheduling for you helps maximize your time. Plus, you’ll be surprised at the many colorful personalities and friends you get to make through the virtual assistant community.

However, Please Avoid Overdoing Things Online

Of course, despite the benefits of seeking out productive activities to do online, spending all your time on the computer and scrolling through your phone, regardless of the nature of the task, can have adverse effects. So, avoid investing every waking hour in internet usage because (1) excessive internet use is dangerous for your well-being, and (2) everyone deserves a break from screen time now and then.

  • Excessive Internet Use Is Dangerous: Constant media consumption has a way of messing up your mental health, especially in the realm of instant gratification and constantly searching for online validation. And what seemed like harmless at first can quickly escalate into addiction that will require professional help, like porn addiction rehab and therapy sessions.
  • A Break From Screen Time Always Helps: Eye strain and the inclination toward a sedentary lifestyle are some of the negative physical effects attributed to excessive time spent online. And if it goes past the point of no return, a quick trip to the gym or an early morning won’t put a dent in any of the bad habits you ended up learning in the process.

Don’t Limit Your Online Connection To Mere Recreation!

Nevertheless, with the time you spend online, it shouldn’t be limited to goofing around because there are so many productive alternatives you can try instead. Therefore, we recommend striking a balance between your select internet hobbies and some of the suggested activities mentioned above.

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