The Hottest Fitness Products of 2020 (That Will Still be Hot in 2021)

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If the pandemic has brought anything good, it’s people becoming more motivated to get back in shape. Workout challenges shot to popularity during the lockdowns, and online sales of at-home workout equipment grew. In March 2020 alone, during the onset of COVID-19, Peloton’s downloads increased by five times.

And until now, even if the world is slowly going back to normal, the fitness culture still lives on. Many people who successfully met their fitness goals in 2020 will stay consistent this year. And because their routines have already surpassed the beginner level, they’ve begun pumping up their workouts by using some equipment.

Whether it’s for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or yoga, these are the fitness equipment that became hot in 2020, and will stay hot for the rest of 2021:

1. Resistance Bands

If you want to start a fitness brand catering to both workout newbies and veterans, offer resistance bands. They’re lighter than dumbbells but more challenging to use. Resistance bands create more tensile force as you stretch them out, allowing you to build more strength in the body part you’re using to pull the bands. For example, your thighs. Putting the band around your thighs will increase the strength of your thigh muscles while extending its range of motion, which is where people are often the weakest.

2. Thigh Master

Speaking once again of thigh strength, the Thigh Master made it to the hot list of 2020 as well because it’s small and easy to use. The equipment is meant to be placed between the thighs to work the quads, or between the forearms to train the chest and upper back. For those reasons, the Thigh Master is versatile and beneficial for people who want to build up chest strength but can’t do many push-ups.

3. Pilates Ring

Pilates have been a popular type of workout for many years now, but female K-pop idols on Instagram boosted its fame even more. Despite the workout looking a bit intimidating, K-pop fans were eager to try it. Thankfully, beginner Pilates equipment is easy to use and portable. The Pilates ring, in particular, stood out in 2020 because it provided a “good amount of resistance” despite weighing less than 1 pound. So if you’re a fan of Pilates as well, adding the Pilates ring to your offers will let you engage with your fellow enthusiasts.

woman exercising

4. Parallettes

People who are missing the gym definitely need parallettes. The equipment is commonly known as a push-up grip, but it’s more than that. The parallettes resemble the parallel bars, an apparatus used by male gymnasts. So if you want to sell to a market niche that consists of gymnasts and acrobats, offer parallettes and you’ll receive tons of “dibs” on your release day.

5. Activewear

Of course, no fitness session is complete without activewear. Some beginners may settle for a cotton shirt and a comfortable pair of sweat pants or shorts, but as their workouts intensify, they’re going to realize that they need proper clothing.

The competition is just a little tough for this product, though. You have big brands to beat as well as small ones that already have a solid customer base. If you’re still eager to push through, your activewear should have something different to offer, like high-quality fabric at an affordable price.

6. Yoga Equipment

If you’re about to grab an amazing yoga studio franchise opportunity, your studio should have equipment yogis can borrow during their classes. Some yoga poses may look easy, but for people without enough flexibility and balance, they’re almost impossible to hold. To make their practices more fun and effective, provide yoga blocks, blankets, and bolsters in your studio. Yoga blocks are particularly handy during the half-moon pose, while blankets and bolsters are helpful in making seated poses become more comfortable.

You can also offer straps for poses that require yogis to reach for their feet, but not touch them. And for your advanced classes, introduce wheels to your yogis. They’re used to deepen stretches and enhance flexibility.

7. Activity Tracker

People didn’t just want to get fitter in 2020; they also wanted to monitor the effects of their workouts. Thankfully, Apple watches aren’t the only ones that could let them do that. Inexpensive activity trackers boomed during the pandemic, allowing people to track their pulse rates, step counts, and more for less. This year, this item is still going to be hot, because people may finally be able to go back to the gym, swim in resorts, and enjoy intense outdoor activities.

People surely cared for themselves more during the pandemic, making the fitness and wellness industry grow. This is good news not just for you who want to start a fitness brand, but also for the healthcare industry, which has been encouraging people to be more health-conscious. So don’t let the fitness trend fade by missing out on the chance to start a fitness brand.

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