Useful Healthcare Devices You Need at Home

pregnant woman monitoring her sugar level

Home healthcare has advanced over the years. A few years back, you needed to get an appointment with the pharmacist or your doctor for something as petty as blood pressure readings. But not anymore; from gut health to heart health, you can now avail yourself of insights from the comfort of your home.

Technology and its ease of availability, through smartphone integration, has made life a lot easy for everyone, especially for the disabled, seniors, and nursing mothers. You can now use a variety of preventive healthcare and post-operative healthcare gadgets without incurring huge expenses. Read about the various devices and supportive health accessories below.

person using a medical monitoring device

Blood Glucose Monitoring Device

Most older adults and people in their middle age have issues with blood glucose. It is a lifestyle disease that has percolated deep into society. There was a time when you had to seek the appointment of a phlebotomist to get the latest reports on sugar levels. However, the scenario has changed over the last few years. Now, you can easily get the readings at home, and that too, with a drop of bloodshed.

Apart from prick devices, you can also lay your hands on prick-free devices that work on Bluetooth technology. This technology has arm patches that you can affix to the body. They have sensors attached to the skin, and you can keep them on for two weeks at least. This is more apt for people who do not have active diabetes. It is a great tool to learn about after-food reactions. However, the former is the best at-home method for active diabetes patients.

Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis

Lumbosacral belts are very-in today. Most doctors prescribe it for new mothers for after-delivery care. Although it is very typical to have back pain for a few months after having a cesarean delivery, you can get some aid with the lower back belt or brace. The pain resulting from the epidural injection during delivery cannot be alleviated in totality. However, you can still get support for the back and the belly.

Seniors who have had surgery can also wear such supportive devices. These are air-decompressed gadgets that have alternate soft and rigid panels. Most seniors have problems related to arthritis. You get such braces for other body parts, like the knee, elbow, and shoulders. The best part about such supportive devices is that they help correct the posture if used regularly.

Personal ECG Monitor

Now, this is something that you could not have imagined. Personal ECG monitor is one of the latest technological offerings. Get quick and easy electrocardiogram readings with one tow presses. You need to attach sensor points to your fingertips and get the readings in less than 30 seconds. Additionally, you can coordinate with the device with your smartphone. You do not have to rush to the laboratory to get such readings.

Brain-sensing Headbands

You can now get first-hand outputs and the results of meditation. We just know about the best effects of mediation, but we can now get evidence for the same. The brain-sensing headband will help you monitor your brain waves during meditation. These headbands are equipped with sensors to read your brain’s activity and display them on a smartphone. So, now it is easier for you to track your progress after a bout of yoga and meditation.

Smart Temporal Thermometers

Until now, taking your child’s temperature used to be one difficult task, but not anymore. There are some new offerings in the form of a temporal thermometer. These products are equipped with sensors that measure the temperature from the temporal artery. You can now get your child’s exact temperature in just a few seconds. Additionally, it is very easy to use, as you have to scan the forehead. Now, you can take your child’s temperature, even when fast asleep.

Air Pollution Monitor

Most people are suffering from chronic respiratory issues today. The quality of air inside the house has become a severe problem. You can blame much of this on the gases and smoke that emanates from cooking and using HVAC equipment. Other than these, some people also develop allergies to mold, mildew, and paint. The air pollution monitor is a simple device that can measure indoor air quality.

You will measure the particulate matter that is floating and is invisible to the naked eye. This will enable you to make the required changes by opening the windows and dehumidifying the space. One simple measure that you can incorporate instantly is to bring in fresh plants to clean the internal air.

These are a few of the top gadgets you can use at home for preventive healthcare and post-operative or post-injury health care. You can expect a day to come when you can get all your health issues addressed from the confines of your home.

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