Not Into Team Sports? Here Are Some You Can Play Alone


Some individuals love to play with a team and be part of its ups and downs—and not to mention the bonding. Meanwhile, others prefer participating in individual or solo sports, where you’re solely relying on yourself. You can do individual sports for leisure or training.     If you’re looking to transition into an active lifestyle or want to have fun in the comfort of your own company, consider doing any of the following solo sports—any of these are worthy enough to be enjoyed solo regularly.


Bowling is a fun sport that you can play with teams or yourself. The best part about bowling is that there are nearly no limits on who can bowl. After all, it’s a low-impact and easy-to-learn sport.

Besides providing a fantastic time, bowling can increase one’s strength through repetitive motions you do when it comes to bowling.     If you have the budget for it, consider having a bowling alley constructed at home to help you enjoy all the benefits of bowling at your house’s convenience.


If you’re looking to stimulate your mind while having fun in the process, chess is a great solo sport to consider. You can play chess indoors or outdoors, and it’s perfect for any age.

Regularly playing chess can improve your memory, intelligence, focus, creativity, planning skills, self-awareness, and prevention of neurodegenerative disorders. So, if you’re in the mood for doing some in-depth thinking, grab a friend or family member and play chess.


Archery is a unique sport that can benefit several areas, ranging from muscle development to mental health. The sport requires control, focus, precision, determination, and patience. Although top athletes train daily, participating in the sport once in a while can bring considerable benefits to your health—and give you an excuse to go outdoors.

You can set up your own archery range at home or visit any establishments offering the sport.



Running is one of the most popular solo sports ever. It’s accessible to most people, and you can do it on any surface and location. From smoothly paved city sidewalks to challenging and rough mountain trails—you’ll never run out of running possibilities. The mental and physical benefits are well-documented. Plus, all you need is a pair of decent running shoes, and you’re off!


Shooting sports is a series of competitive and recreational sporting activities involving the use of firearms or airguns, ranging from handguns to rifles. These include bullseye shooting or airsoft games, where the goal is to get as many points as possible. Shooting different firearms platforms can build physical discipline, enrich your senses, and improve every aspect of yourself. After all, the sport requires 90% mental and 10% ability.

If you’ve never been to the range or went hunting, participating in shooting sports is a great way to explore something new, all the while enjoying your own company.


English billiards is a fun casual game you can play with friends or yourself. The game’s objective is to score either a fixed number of points or get the most points possible within a set time frame. Several benefits come with playing billiards, and the best one is that it can enhance your hand-to-eye coordination, keeping your mind active and sharp.

Additionally, it can also help with balance. If you’re looking for a casual sport that can stimulate your mind and body, billiards is a great choice.

Although playing team sports can be fun, playing solo is a great way to empower yourself and help you stay entertained and active with ease. Challenge your creativity and support a healthy lifestyle by trying any of any of these solo activities.

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