Keeping the House Pest-free

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With summer just around the corner, homeowners should finalize their preparations to ensure their homes are not pest magnets. Summer typically sees an increase in activity among some pests. So, they should make sure their homes remain pest-free.

If you want to keep pests out of your home, you need to remove or deter them from seeing your home as an appealing option for them to set up a nest. You can check the following tips and gradually tick them off the list as you complete each one of them.

Keep the Windows and Doors Sealed

This is a practical tip since keeping your windows and doors sealed keeps pests out of your home. You should make sure to check the doors and windows regularly. Look for signs of warping on the door and repair or replace them immediately.

You should also check the windows and make sure they do not have any tears or rips on the screen. You should repair or replace the torn screens to prevent pests from entering the home. You can use a screen mesh size that has 200 holes per square inch. You can normally get these types of screen mesh at a hardware store.

Seal Gaps and Cracks

The windows and doors may be the main points of entry of pests. But these are not the only places that allow pests to enter the home. You should go around the house and check for gaps and cracks on the exterior. These holes can be cracks in the foundation, missing roof shingles, loose sidings, and small gaps around utility lines.

Due to this, you should seal smaller holes with steel wool then put caulk around the material to keep it in place. For bigger holes, you can cover them with metal sheeting, cement, lath metal, or hardware cloth. You can find these materials in a hardware store. Leaving these holes unsealed will give pests a way to enter your home.

Check for Holes Inside the House

Aside from the exterior, you should also check the house’s interior since some holes are only visible from the inside. You should check behind refrigerators and stoves. You should also see if there are holes under the kitchen cabinets. Checking the pipes, cables, and vents is another good idea. If you feel air flowing out of these gaps, there’s a big chance that they lead directly to the home’s exterior. So you should seal these holes as soon as possible.

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Use Traps

Homeowners can also set up traps to catch pests that may have entered the home already. A snap trap is ideal for rodents since glue traps or live traps can scare them. When they get scared, they may urinate and spread germs in the house.

For insects, you can use an insect trap or flypaper. These insect traps may also require something to attract these pests. When looking for something to attract pests, such as mosquitoes, into the trap, you can check online for the sign “shop mosquito attractant” since they may offer deals and specials that give you your money’s worth.

You can also use ultraviolet light traps that can attract flying insects. The light attracts these insects that are then zapped or electrocuted once they get too close to the light.

Trim Trees and Plants

When you go around the house, look for trees whose branches are touching your home. You should also check if there are shrubs that are also touching the house. Trimming these trees and shrubs eliminates bridges that pests use to reach the house.

Additionally, if you have a garden, you can reduce the mulch that you use since pests can use garden beds as their shelter. Replacing mulch with rocks makes it less attractive to pests. If fewer pests live in your front and back yard, you will have fewer issues with these pests.

Dispose of Trash Properly

Household trash can readily attract different types of pests, including rodents, cockroaches, and ants. Aside from household waste, yard waste can also attract pests that consider it food or a place where they can set up a nest.

Due to this, you should make sure the trash cans in the house have tight-fitting lids. You should also make sure to regularly clean the trash cans and the area where you store them. If you see any debris or spills, clean them up immediately. Additionally, you should not leave plant clippings or leaves on the deck, yard, or garage since this will attract pests. Make sure to clean up these areas regularly.

Keeping pests out of the house is important to ensure you and your family stay healthy and fit.

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