Tech Innovations that will Improve your Health & Well-being


Technology has pervaded daily life. And while some would argue that it has negative implications, there have been plenty of innovations that have improved people’s lives for the better. This is especially true for technologies that help improve one’s health and well-being. From wearable devices that manage heart conditions to smart beds that promise better sleep, these technological aids allow people to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The market is already saturated with health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness aids that it could be hard to find the ones suited to your needs and goals. To narrow down your search and make sure you don’t spend money on things you won’t use, it’s important to identify your goals and needs first. 

If you have a preexisting condition you want to manage, you will find clinically tested wearables and apps or equipment developed with seasoned physicians. If you’re healthy and looking to take a more proactive approach to disease prevention, you’d need monitoring apps, nutrition trackers or calorie counters, and fitness devices. There are also special devices created for specific conditions, like this upcoming tool to help measure hemoglobin levels, so you can easily know if you have anemia and need to take liquid iron supplements.

Here are just some of the most notable devices and innovations to help you achieve your health and wellness goals: 

Wearable tech


There are countless options for wearable medical devices that go beyond your typical fitness trackers, and these are the ones that stand out the most: 

  • Embr Wave wristband – we use air conditioners and heaters to achieve an ideal indoor temperature. But have you ever heard about situational temperature? It refers to changes in our body temperature influenced by various factors, from our mental state and mood to external stimuli. The Embr Wave wristband is an award-winning, clinically-approved device that regulates your body temperature to give you instant and natural relief. 
  • Smart heart monitors – did you know that there are now smartwatches that can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and even send ECG data to your doctor? Withings is one notable brand that combines fitness tracking and heart monitoring in one place. 
  • Biosensors – these devices are much like wearable monitors, but they come in the form of self-adhesive patches that let users move around freely. Doctors often recommend these to keep track of their patients. Philips’ wireless remote sensing device tops the list of biosensors. 

Health aids 

If you’re one to take control of your health and wellness to prevent diseases, here are devices that can help measure and monitor important data:

  • Smart scales – a healthy weight loss program that considers body fat percentage and overall body composition. With a smart scale, you can measure and track your weight and your muscle mass, bone density, body fat percentage, and other important metrics. Check out the best smart scales on the market.
  • Smart temporal thermometers – a contactless thermometer has never been more essential than ever. Watch out for Covid-19 symptoms and manage your or your loved one’s condition with these useful tools. With smart integration, these tools let you track daily or hourly temperatures via a smartphone app. 
  • Personal BP & EKG monitors – need something more accurate than heart monitoring smartwatches? There are now plenty of personal BP and EKG monitors that are easy to use. With data accessible at your fingertips, you’d know when you need to visit your doctor or get urgent care.  

Lifestyle & environment 

air purifier

In addition to personal trackers, some devices help make your environment safe and better for your health. These include:

  • Air purifiers & air quality monitors – tools like Dyson air purifiers and Atmotube Pro are useful for people with asthma and allergies or for basically anyone who wants to breathe clean air. 
  • Water purifiers – level up your water bottle with LARQ, a smart self-cleaning water bottle that purifies your water in 60 seconds. SteriPEN is also a great travel companion as it uses UV light to kill germs and viruses in water. 
  • UV-C sanitizing tools – need to travel during the pandemic? Take extra safety measures by bringing along a Verilux CleanWave UV-C sanitizing wand.
  • Bioscarf – beat seasonal allergies in style with the ground-breaking BioScarf. This stylish neckwear doubles as a layer of defense against air pollution, pollen, germs, and viruses. 

In addition to these wearable and personal devices, several apps can help you take control of your health and well-being. TouchPoint and Calm, for example, helps you manage stress and sleep better, while Kaia provides fitness tips and easy-to-follow workout routines. The Fitbit app uses AI to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. It even comes with a calorie counter. Ada Health is an intuitive platform that assesses your symptoms and gives you a list of possible diagnoses. 

These tools and innovations are a great companion, especially during the pandemic where it can be hard to access hospitals and clinics. 

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