Is It Possible To Disconnect The Internet From One Part Of Your Life?

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We all love the internet for different reasons; whether it helps you stay updated with the latest innovations in VR tech or maybe simply keeping up with your current favorite Netflix series, the internet brings us both endless amounts of entertainment and productivity. And with everyone stuck at home for the past few months and what seems like for the foreseeable future, it’s only natural that people start getting even cozier with their internet consumption.

However, considering that too much screen time in the online world isn’t the best thing, one interesting question that unconsciously finds its way into the minds of many is whether it’s actually possible to dissect and remove the internet from at least one part of your life. And so, today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most common activities people find themselves busy with and if being internet-free is even an option.

#1 Household Chores And Responsibilities? Not Quite.

Although some people claim to be more than capable of disconnecting when they’re busy with cleaning around the house or doing some other important responsibilities, we all know that everybody’s guilty of streaming some music in the background or listening to an audiobook. In fact, we can even confirm this with the surge in Spotify monthly active users, with more people hooked on listening to podcasts than ever before. And even if you make the argument of closing your laptop right before you get started, you’re probably guilty of keeping your phone in your pocket, so you don’t miss any recent notifs.

#2 Scaling Up Your Side Hustle To A Business? Definitely No.

Everyone’s started to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, given that financial security has become a number one priority amidst the growing fears of more economic turbulence just waiting to pop out of nowhere. However, while some parts of the business, like brainstorming and working on sheets, don’t technically need an internet connection, you’d be caught lacking without one. Plus, an internet presence works to the advantage of any entrepreneur looking to scale their side hustle into a fully operational business. Take, for example, how effective home health care marketing services can bring an obscure and less popular market like elderly care an audience through content creation and SEO.

#3 Having Fun With Your Friends? Quite Unlikely.

You probably know a lot of people that advocate keeping phone use and an internet connection to the bare minimum when you’re out having fun with your friends, but considering the whole Covid-19 situation, the internet is the only way to connect with your friends. So, unless you’re a mutant with telepathic abilities to transmit memes through sonic waves, it’s quite unlikely you’ll be having any type of fun without the internet. Plus, most entertainment is available online anyways, from playing online games to video-calling; it’s almost the same as meeting them face-to-face.


#4 Eating Food? Almost Impossiinternet connectivityble To Leave.

Eating food is a basic human function, right? However, regardless of how simplistic the process of chowing down on some grub can be, it has also become one of the cornerstones of internet usage. This is evidenced by the growing popularity of just ordering your food and having it come to your doorstep with a tap on your phone. And, even if you prefer home-cooked meals, most of us are guilty of double-checking the recipe online or doing a quick Google search for alternatives because the fridge isn’t stocked well enough.

But Is It A Bad Thing?

Although we can confidently conclude that removing the internet from at least one part of anybody’s life is quite a losing battle, it’s not actually a bad thing considering that it provides so many benefits. And, despite the infamous drawbacks of too much internet, it’s not something a bit of responsible use can’t fix.

  • Greater Connectivity And Communication: Looking at the bigger picture, the constant innovation of the online platform and the beauty of the internet allows greater connectivity and communication. And, while we may take it for granted nowadays, this unique invention of humankind is what defined an era of information and globalization. Plus, with applications like Discord disrupting the landscape, we have the internet to thank for all the memories we are making.
  • Makes Life A Lot Less Stressful: If you imagine a world without the internet, it’s pretty safe to say that a lot of things would be much more of a hassle to do. For example, imagine having to call overseas companies to get a product and not being able to track the courier’s progress? And, on a bigger scale, the modern financial ecosystems wouldn’t even exist!

However, Don’t Overindulge!

Nevertheless, it’s always good to practice a bit of control and even though the internet has seeped into every part of your life, try your best not to overindulge. Remember, no matter how beautiful your screen time can get, nothing beats looking up every now and then to experience the beauty of the real world.

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