Hate Alone Time? You Might Be Spending It the Wrong Way


Spending long periods of time quarantined alone has increased the number of people suffering from mental distress during the pandemic. It has also given ‘alone time’ quite the bad rep.

While quarantining is a sure trigger of depression and anxiety for most, it shouldn’t be a reason to fear alone time in the future. Being by yourself most of the time might just be the case during the coronavirus era, so it’s best to learn how exactly you should cope with it.

Different people will have different preferences, but believe it or not, there are habits and beliefs you can develop that can make you associate being alone with being lonely. The sooner you get over these, the sooner you’ll be more comfortable being by yourself wherever, whenever.

It Just Makes You Idle

This is the case for a lot of people, regardless if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. The moment your rest day begins or the holiday spirit kicks in, you’re tempted to be as idle as can be. Who can blame you? Your work and studies have turned you permanently haggard, and the only thing you want to do on your downtime is to lie still and catch up on some good shows. While there’s nothing wrong with this picture, it can quickly make you feel like nothing productive ever come out of it. It’s boring, sedentary, and the very reason you’re eating all sorts of junk food to make yourself feel good.

The solution is to change this mindset. Alone time shouldn’t be idle time. At least, not always. There are other ways to feel rested and to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul without sleeping beyond recommended hours. The very fact that you haven’t endeavored in these activities means that you haven’t started to cultivate some of the most crucial habits of a healthy person.

Yes, this includes exercise, home-cooked meals, books, and passion projects that require a degree of creativity. When you’re into these things, it’s hard to imagine that you’ll hate spending time by yourself.

There’s No Joy in It

This is another good reason why the aforementioned activities are crucial. People who hate spending time alone think that it’s impossible to find any source of happiness in it. This mindset is usually borne out of neglect for much-needed introspection. When was the last time you reflected on what truly makes you happy? What are the songs, movies, sports, meals, and activities that just bring a smile to your face no matter what? Without a proper answer to these questions, it’s impossible to find out which books you’ll likely finish or passion projects you’ll look forward to doing on your rest days.

If you’re passionate about traveling, then it shouldn’t bother you to do so by yourself. You can start by discovering hidden tourist spots in nearby states. Have you heard of Cascade Springs in Uinta National Forest? How about the Gilgal Sculpture Garden in Salt Lake City?

Create an Instagram account to document your travels and discoveries. Make your road trip more enjoyable by installing car stereos that will enhance your music experience. There’s nothing like jamming to your life’s playlist with the windows rolled down and the wind tousling your hair to make you feel like the protagonist of your own movie.

woman alone at the park

There’s Noting to be Achieved

Personal goals will motivate you to wake up early in the morning to accomplish great things. It will also keep you from thinking alone time is a waste of time. When you have goals, such as weight loss, learning a new language, mastering a recipe, or even just finishing a certain number of books per month, it will help you look forward to every downtime.

The motivation to achieve them will compel you to take advantage of early mornings, lunch breaks, and holidays to get more things done. And because it’s usually when you’re alone that you have nothing to distract you from these tasks, you’ll appreciate being by yourself more and more. In fact, you may even begin to look forward to it.

Addressing these three issues is integral in embracing every moment you spend alone. Doing this will enable you to embrace its benefits and turn you into a happier and more well-rounded individual.

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